{Guest Post} Meet Amanda....1st Time Momma!

Hi Allie's readers!  
I'm Amanda from ASquared, I blog about life as it comes to me. 
I'm pretty random, sometimes I can blog daily, and other times I just go through blogger block.  
Happen to you, too?  
This is my first ever guest post, so I hope you guys don't run screaming from Allie's blog!  LOL

I was so excited when Allie said that she needed guest posts for a little while after 
Mr Jude (FINALLY) makes his big entrance! 
Are her boys not the cutest things you have ever seen?!  

I'm a 28 year old, married woman, pregnant with my first child.  
My husband, J (as the blog world knows him) and I have the sweetest furbaby, Sullivan Peabody. 

J and I have been married for just over a year, and are really excited to be on this journey to parenthood.  

So I thought, who better to guest post for than Allie, she has to have Mommies galore for followers!  
So, I'm hoping you guys will pop over to my blog and go on this journey with me 
and help me keep my sanity.  

Don't make me beg...I'll do it!

Random factoids about me::

*Right now, I don't feel very pregnant, I'm in the "is she pudgy?  Or newly pregnant?" stage.  
Come on, you all know you've looked at someone and wondered!  LOL!  
I live in tshirts, because that's the most comfortable for me right now.  I'm typically not a tshirt girl.  

*I am quite quirky!  I recently confessed on my blog  that I MUST separate my skittles 
into color/flavor order prior to consuming them.  
What order is that?  Eaten in Yellow, Green, Orange, Red, Purple order...save the best for last!  LOL

*I'm rather sarcastic, I swear it's genetic because my entire family is full of smartmouths!  

*I won't take someone's opinion about someone else.  I must form my own opinion about each person.  I feel that's only right

Random questions I need Allie's Mommie army of followers to help me with:

*I'm going to breastfeed and pump, since I will be a working Mommie, best breastpump for daily use?  

*I'm also going to make Baby's food instead of buy commercial babyfoods, can you guys share recipes?

*Do we get the 4D, or save the money?  Insurance won't cover it, and as long as Baby shows "The Goods", I just don't see the need in spending the money.  I know they're really neat and all...but really, we can buy something else for Baby with that $125.

*Do I really care anything about getting a Boppy?  I see them, they're nifty, but really?

So, pop on over to my little blog, I told you, I'll beg if you don't.  HELP A MAMA OUT!  


  1. Definitely going to visit the blog. But I thought I would give my opinion on two of the questions first. :-)

    The 4d ultrasound wasn't something that I DoD. Ya the pictures are awesome. But you can by a lot of diapers for that price and those are much more needed to me.

    I loved the boppy. Especially for tummy time in the beginning. Plus there will be feedings where your arms are just so tired and that extra support helps alot!

    I loved the guest post and am going to go over now and check out your blog!

    Hi allie and Jude! Miss you!

  2. I never did get a 4D ultrasound. But I never even found out either of my babies' sex.

  3. I'd say No on the 4-D... I never did one either.

    As far as breast pumps go, they are super expensive but it is true that the nicer ones are just that- nicer. I have a playtex (it was like 200$ i think, but it works fast and efficiently, the more expensive the quicker they pump. I'm all about that.)

    I'm of no help on the baby food recipes

    But I would def get a Boppy!

  4. I don't have a Boppy, I have this peanut shaped one that really sucks haha. It falls out of place all the time :( but who knows, maybe the Boppy is better? Wish I had thought to buy it. Everyone raves!

    As for the pump, you definitely get what you pay for. Definitely. I bought a 50 dollar pump and it broke after three uses, then the "replacement" they sent me broke after one use. So I definitely recommend spending a little extra for a better pump! Especially if you're a working, pumping mama!

    As for 4d, I never did that or 3d. I felt the money could be better spent on diapers or photography for when the baby is born :)

    Heading over to your blog now!

  5. No on he 4D save the money for something else.

    No on the boppy, we used it for tummy time and that's about it.

    Yes on a good pump. I would only buy the Medela brand. I used the pump and style last time and I used it for a solid 9 months and this time I bought the Medela freestyle. If you plan on pumping you will need a good pump.

    Thank you SO much for letting me guest post! I SO appreciate it! You're the BEST

  7. * I have a Medela Pump and Style and am very pleased with it. A bit of advice for a working mom... pump each morning during maternity leave (you have extra milk in the am) and freeze it for when you go back to work. Of course, you will be pumping at work too, but it's always good to have some stored up.

    * Our babe is 4 months and we are planning to make our own baby food too. I just bought a book called something like "100 Baby Food Purees". It gives you recipes for each stage and it seems easy enough. We're going to give it a shot in another month and I'll be doing a blog post on it, so stay tuned!

    * I did a 4D Ultrasound and LOVED it! Totally worth the money. I invited 7-8 of my closest friends/family and for an hour we got to watch our little guy. I felt like I knew him a little better b/c I had an idea of what he looked like. Now when I see him sleeping with his hands by his ears, I realize he was doing the same thing in my belly. I wouldn't do it if I had to choose between that and providing for my baby... but if you have the extra cash, go for it! It's really special.

    * YES... get the boppy! It is so much more comfortable and your arms will get tired if you don't have something to support them. Especially since you plan on breastfeeding and will be feeding your babe all day/every day for the first 6 weeks (at least that's what it felt like to me).

    Bonus tip - If you plan on swaddling, get the miracle blanket. My son could get out of every swaddle, except this one... plus they stay in it longer. He grew out of the other ones by 2 months and still requires swaddling to get a good nights sleep.

    Good luck! I am following your blog now and can't wait to follow you on this journey. It truly is wonderful to be a mom!

  8. For baby food - this is the best website: http://wholesomebabyfood.momtastic.com/

    I made a lot of baby food and froze it... and then ended up throwing it away because my son didn't like it. He is just picky and no matter how many times I introduced peaches, lentils or squash, he would not eat them!!! So my advice is just to make sure your baby likes foods before you try a large batch.

    Once your baby is old enough that they don't need their food to be completely pureed, you can just feed a lot of foods right out of the peel - avacados, sweet potatoes & bananas. Also you can get a baby food mill and put whatever you are eating into it so you don't have to prepare a separate meal:

    I had a Boppy but I ALWAYS heard that the "Breast Friend" was better.

  9. Correction "Brest Friend" http://www.mybrestfriend.com/

  10. So fun that you are pregnant for the very first time. If you wear the empire waist shirts it will probably make you look more pregnant :) but you will get there. I always hate that stage, but then as I get bigger and bigger I want to be back in that stage :) haha and know that after you have the baby this is where you will look after you have the baby!

  11. I did the 3d (I got to do it for free), which was neat but it's really expensive!
    Also, I just started baby led weaning with my baby girl and love it! It's a neat method of introducing solids.
    Congrats on your first pregnancy- It's such an exciting time!
    I'm going to check out your blog :