Welcome Jude =)

I usually would wait to type the birth story but it is so SHORT that I can manage it...
{plus he has been a dream baby thus far}
Yesterday, I had an appt and was still 4cm and 50% effaced, same as last week....
She told me to bounce on the exercise ball and do the deed, 
Well I did both....
It was crazy because my contractions went totally dead after we had sex before bed, 
So I played around on my iPad....
I was about to go to sleep when i felt some decent pains at about 10pm...
I got up to go pee and could barely walk, the pain was so intense...
I woke Jordan up and said "I think it's time!"
We fumbled around, got dressed and slowly made it out the door...
We got to the hospital around 10:25...
We checked in and I let them know I was in serious pain and felt pressure....
They rushed me up to my room...where the nurses were slowly setting up...
I no joke told them I felt pressure, I ripped my jacket and pants off and got on the bed....
They checked me and I was 9cm and 100%, they called my midwife to come NOW...
I was freaking out....I was "ready" BUT NOT THIS READY....
Meanwhile they are trying to ask me tons of questions...
About two more contractions and I said "I HAVE TO PUSH!"
The nurse called to ask where my doctor was..."she is 15 minutes out"
In rushes more nurses and the on call doctor....
She is way too calm and collective for me....
I said "Can I push???" 
She was like "Yeah if you want!?!?" 
LOL So I did....she was seriously silent the entire time....
I had to ask her what was happening haha....
In about 6 pushes he falling out of me!! My water broke as he came out....it was green with meconium....
They start yelling for respiratory...I of course freaked....
This was all happening so QUICK....
She had me stop pushing as his head was out to suck his lungs....
He let out a huge scream and I gave one last push....
He flew out with gushes of green, but he was PERFECT....
He didn't need any help, thank God!

He was officially born at 10:47pm 3/8/12, he is my tiniest babe at 6lbs 14oz but the longest at 20 inches...
We are head over heels in love with him...
He has slept all night and is a dream! 
{knock on wood}

We are still in shock that he came so QUICK!! 
It is funny because Vincent predicted that baby Jude would come on "number 8" which he did!:)

I cannot wait for Vincent and Luke to meet him this afternoon!
Here are just a few pics....I have not gotten into full mama paparazzi mode yet ;)
But say hello to Mr Jude Edward!:)


  1. That's an AWESOME birth story... you're a pro!

  2. OMG!!!! Just yesterday we were joking about if he'd ever make his appearance!! It's like he knew about your WW post :) SO glad you all made it to the hospital in time. He is such a good lookin' little man!! Congratulations mama!

  3. AMAZING!!!! Congrats Allie!!! He's so precious!!!

  4. That is awesome!

    He is absolutely adorable!

    Congratulations on the new baby - and on the super speedy delivery.

  5. So awesome! So excited he came on number 8 and so quickly! I hope #2 is the same for us! :-)

  6. Congratulations, Ally! He's super adorable.

  7. WOW! sounds like my last labor,but quicker. Congrats. I have been followering for awhile and it was great to follow this pregnancy. Enjoy your bundle of joy. I love drug free labors. recovery is so much quicker. congrats again!

  8. Congrats!!! What an awesome birth story, wish mine had been that quick and easy!! He's a cutie!

  9. He's just perfect!!!
    My 1st labor was very similar to that but my 2nd was not quite that easy. Glad you didn't have a hard time. It makes childbirth so much better :)
    Congrats to you and yours :)

  10. Amazing! God blessed you with a fast an easy birth after your week:) he's presh!!

  11. Awww so cute! Congrats! My quick birth thoughts for you came true!! :)

  12. What a gorgeous boy god bless him ! And HOLY OMG what a quick birth ....how insane! But super duper happy for you and your family!

  13. Oh my gosh Allie. He us gorgeous! I can't belive how quickly he came. I was talking to you last night and all of a sudden you disappeared. What an amazing night!
    I can't wait to see more and more if him as he grows. You did an amazig job!

  14. Congrats! I'm glad everything went so fast and he's perfect!!

  15. Yay he's here. Congrats mama, he is beautiful. He was the same height & weight as kaylee was. Glad everything went smoothly & what a fast delivery

  16. What a teeny tiny peanut!! A million congrats!! Also, your birth story makes me super jeals - by #3 (God willing I can have a second to get to a third) I hope I can have it go that quick (I don't want to say "easy" cause I don't care how fast it is, pushing a baby out your who-ha is not easy!!) I hope you are recovering well and enjoying your time alone with your hubby and Mr. Jude in the hospital!

  17. I cannot wait to hold this little man!!! -Chrissy

  18. He is sooooo perfect! Congrats new mama again! xoxoxo

  19. Even w/ all the green gunky talk, you still have me in tears! Sweet Allie, I am beyond happy for all of you! Thank God you made it to the room! What a special moment when the boys meet their new brother, CAN'T wait to see those pics!

    Jude Edward (LOVE that) is such a dreamy little fella! Congrats family!! Xo

  20. Congrats! What a nice and easy labor!

  21. Oh my gosh girl! I knew it would be quick! Congrats...he's a doll! So glad everything went well even if it was quick :)

  22. Congrats! And he really did practically fall out of you! So glad he is here and healthy!

  23. I am SO JEALOUS!! I'm a week and a half overdue and dying to just be over it.

  24. I'm so glad Jude is doing great and that labour was so quick for you! Congratulations again to you and your beautiful family!

  25. LOVE IT! I'm so excited for you guys! He's just as handsome as the other two! I'm looking forward to watching him grow too!!
    Congrats Mama, I hope you're feeling great!

  26. Yay! He's so darn cute! Congratulations and good for you having such a quick labor :o)

  27. what an insanely quick birth, lucky mama!!! and jude, well he's just precious!!! congrats:)

  28. Congratulations!!! He's so cute:) Funny...I was actually thinking of you last night wondering if he graced the world with his presence yet.

  29. Congratulations! There are few things sweeter than holding your newborn babe or watching daddy hold the babe. He is precious!

  30. Congratulations! Look at his perfect little face. Awwww. He's beautiful.

  31. Another cute little baby grandson for Grandma and Grandpa Hall.

  32. Catching up on some posts and excited to see this one!! Congrats! So thankful everything went well even with the meconium and all. Hoping you have a good sleeper on your hands!

  33. woo hoo!! What a quick & wonderful delivery minus the meconium. So happy for ya!

  34. Congratulations!! He is too precious! Of course you have him when I go out of town!!