No, it's not about Britney Spears perfume
::which is literally what always pops in my head when I hear the word::
Anyways, I have a few new followers...
I am guessing I gained a few because I actually blogged TWICE this week!
GO ME!!!
Since a handful of you are new I figured I would do a fun little Q&A and also
since I am still in the works of my "3 under 3" post and the post on our decision to homeschool...
I wanted to open the floor up for ALL questions!
Therefore I can answer them within those posts...
:if those are the topics your curious about:
Is there anything about me or the fam that you are dying to know!?
**I may even answer them via blog and show off Jude live ;)**

But for real...I will answer whatever pops in your head...
Questions about the boys?
Questions about the hubs?
Questions about what happens behind closed doors!? {wink} 
The food we eat!?
 Ask away if you wanna see Jude on a vlog ;)

Happy weekend everyone!
I will leave you with just a few pics from the baptism and birthday last weekend! 
Our boys godfathers....Jordan's brothers

*I will leave this open for questions until next Friday!* 


  1. Wow! Jude is adorable! I think he looks like Luke. You sure do make some handsome men Allie! Happy weekend!

  2. Do you want more kids? If so when? 4 under 4 perhaps? :) Also, if Jude had been a girl what name would you have picked?

  3. I want to know if you guys are still eating the primal diet and if your being more strict with it since your not preggo anymore? And what do you guys eat on a regular basis? I'm trying to be healthier and lose those last few baby pounds since I just popped a babe out recently, too!!

  4. Besides being an amazing stay at home mama, what would your dream job be?

    Have you and Jordan discussed ideally how many kids you want? or are you leaving it to the man upstairs? ;)

    With 3 under 3, how do you manage to keep your hubby happy? (although, I know he appreciates everything you do)


  5. I want to know if you lost the baby weight yet? I'm all into losing baby weight mode right now....even though I haven't actually had the baby yet. I've got 55 pounds to lose so I'm ready to get going on it.

    Is your primal diet working for you? Does it affect your milk supply? I did a low carb diet when I was still nursing and my milk supply went WAY down, I had to eat more carbs.

  6. How did you pick godfathers? Who are the godmothers?

  7. Is Alex single? wuahaha jk we already know the answer to this. Jude is presh! I want to see him in a vlog. I want to know how do you find time for yourself with 3 chitlins and a husband?

  8. Did you sleep train the boys? What are your thoughts on CIO?

  9. These pics are great! Love them! Want to meet those boys and play trucks with them and at the park!!! Anyway, Vincent looks so young in his cake picture! So sweet and heartwarming!

  10. 1. What is a typical day like with 3 kids under 3?

    2. What was your job before you became a stay at home mom?

    3. Can be BFFs & have playdates with our kids..haha

  11. You know I have a MILLION questions, so I just soak up all of your answers about your boys!

    Love the pics of the baptism, they're absolutely beautiful!!

  12. Do u use birth control!?!?

  13. How old are you and your husband?

    How did you two meet?

    What is your favorite beauty product?

  14. What are your favorite traits in your husband?

    How do you guys maintain a budget? Or do you have one?

  15. Great pics!

    Do you really do it all?

  16. hmmmm...are you ready for #4? :)
    are you still visiting Chicago in the fall? I want to meet those adorable boys!
    you talk a lot about eating and diet, what's your exercise routine?

  17. I want to be super nosy and know how many kids your planning, I'm scared of having more haha

  18. These are so precious... i LOVE all the pics.

    p.s. i am the worst at emailing back! i make a mental note, and then never get to it... I'm off the next two nights, so i am DEFINITELY getting to them!!

  19. p.s. i forgot to add my question in there....

    Do you get a lot of help from family members??

  20. How did you choose the boys names? Have you always wanted a lot of kids? How do you and the hubby keep the "fire" going with three? How do you style your hair? Where is your favorite place to shop? How did you and the hubby meet?

    That's all I can think of. Lol

  21. Ps. I love the pictures! You have such a cute family!