Easter in pics....

We had an amazing weekend 
{after the puke fest on Friday passed}
Saturday night a special friend made a visit...
Here you go Vincent....haha
Grandma and Grandpa stayed with us Saturday and they colored eggs....
Luke was great at BREAKING them lol
Finished product lol
My parents got the boys the coolest old school pedal car 
My dad taught Vincent how to make real fire rescues...way too cute!
Another cute bunny...
The family Easter morning
My bunny and I
A cute gift from Liz 
Dinner was so amazing it put our family in comas! 
Two grown men sleeping on a monster pillow haha
We ended the day with some kite flying...
Jordan took this really serious! ha
Hope you all had a FAB Easter!!!


  1. Sounds like you all had a perfect Easter :) love all the pictures BOTH your bunnies where precious....Flying a kite is on my summer "to do" list!! Its the small things in life and i'm sure the boys adored it! Happy Easter to you and your blessed family!

  2. You guys are gorgeous. The whole fam. Makes me jealous :)

    Glad you had a great Easter!!

  3. glad you had a great Easter. great pictures and I love your family picture. Jude is too cute and getting so big

  4. You look beautiful! And THIN! Looks like you had a wonderful Easter.

  5. Jordan in a bowtie?! I am now convinced that he and John were meant to be friends! Love all of these gorgeous pictures.. girlfriend, you look amazing! Your family is beyond precious :)

  6. Looks like you had an awesome Easter! I love that pedal car...I bet Nolan would love that hwne he gets older. You have the cutest family!

  7. Gosh Jude looks SO much like Vincent doesnt he??

  8. Looks like a great Easter.

  9. Happy Easter! I can't believe how big Jude is getting!

  10. Happy Easter! What a cute little bunny :) I love your hubby's bow tie, too! :)

  11. You are one beautifully glowing Momma! Love these pics and those boys are just so handsome. So is it just totally nuts getting 3 ready for holidays? You definitely make it look pretty easy!

    Prayers for you and yours to have a peace filled Easter season!

  12. Allie!!! Congratulations on your beautiful Baby Boy! He is amazing. Hope your doing well and feeling great.