Guest Post {Britt} on raising girls!:)

Hi! I'm Britt and blog over at Gettin' Fritzy With It! 
I love Allie and was so glad she wanted me to guest post for her! Hopefully one day (very far off, yes?) one of her boys will be my future son-in-law and Allie and I can be BBFF, amen? So since she has all boys, we thought itd be fun for me to talk about my life with my two girls, so here goes!
What is it like to raise two girls?
I can sum it up very quickly for you.
One minute I feel like I'm in Disneyland surrounded by all of its magical wander, and the next minute I'm in the middle of the ring at a UFC fight. And let's just say I'm NOT winning.

First let's talk about the Disneyland part of raising two girls. It can be so much fun. Really it can! They usually like to do alot of the same things, which makes it easier for them to play together...usually. Alot of our days are spent playing dress-up, painting our toenails, watching Disney movies, playing with baby dolls, and occassionally eating sweets like typical girls. Duh. :) Oh and they give tons of hugs and kisses too. ...and say sweet things like, "You're my best friend EVER mommy!" 
But then, just as your daughters are playing house and saying, "Sissy's my baby mommy, I put her to bed" ever so nicely.... A fight breaks out. Over what you might ask? Who knows. This is when the 13-year-old girl comes out {in my 1 and 2 year old I might add}, and they get mad at each other for "looking at me the wrong way" or something equally as ridiculous. You all know what I'm talking about too. And if you don't? Come spend a day with my 13-year--old sister and you will be easily reminded of your middle school "I hate the world, I'm better than everyone" phase! So yes. Back to the fighting. It's almost unbearable. And when I said life is like a UFC fight? I wasn't even kidding. They kick, scream, hit, push... younameit... it's happenin'. Or they pick on each other which is equally as aggravating...

And I'm sure this holds true with any siblings. But the reason why I love having two girls so much? Is because thinking about their bond as they grow up makes me tear up. Each and everytime. I hope they are best friends. I hope they tell secrets to each other they dont tell anyone else. (Except me! ha!) I hope they console each other over broken hearts. I hope they are close enough to tell the other when she is being mean or ridiculous about something. I hope they are proud of each other. I hope they are each other's Maid of Honor at their weddings and take care of each other after I'm gone. And from what I've seen so far... I think that all of what I hope will come true. Don't you?
That is why I love having two girls :)

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  1. Awe our girls are like twins that have been seperated!! My girls are the same way Disneyland to UFC in seconds & then back to Disneyland again. But I love having girls too