Guest Post {Emily} Birth Stories

I’m so excited and honored to be a guest on Allie’s blog while she tends to her precious Jude!  
I ran across Allie’s blog about nine months ago and quickly realized we were living very similar lives, just miles away from each other.  Our boys are very similar in age and we tended to be going through the same struggles and frustrations of two small toddlers, as well as celebrating the same milestones and highlights.  

As Allie progressed closer to her due date with Jude, we started talking about labor and delivery.  Although my first two were very different than hers, it’s always refreshing hearing other Mama’s birth stories and amazing accomplishments.  Kudos to Allie for two (or most likely now three, I’m writing this prior to Jude’s arrival) natural child births.  Being 22 weeks pregnant, I am started to get my mind focused again for labor and delivery and thought I’d share with all her readers my birth stories. 

My first, Dylan, was born November 29, 2008.  It was the Saturday after Thanksgiving and I had just woken up and sat down on the couch when I literally thought I peed my pants.  I ran to the bathroom and quickly informed my husband that today was the day.  We called my midwife who wanted me to take a shower and see how things progressed.  After the shower, I got dressed and quickly realized they don’t tell you when you’re water breaks it’s not just a gush…it keeps coming…and coming…and coming.  I swear I changed 5 times that morning because I kept soaking sweats after sweats.  

Contractions were starting to come but nothing intense so Luke decided to take our dog for a walk.  While he was gone I called my mom to give her the news and let them know it was time to head to Chicago and while on the phone had a bad contraction where I literally had to stop talking.  She wanted me to get to the doctor soon because her labors were all FAST (all 4 were under 2 hours) and by the time Luke got back, I decided it was time to go. 

Once we arrived, they checked me and I was 4 centimeters dilated.  I had good intentions of trying to do a natural child birth but the pain was INTENSE and apparently I was a wimp because as soon as they said do you want us to get the birthing tub or call for an epidural, I chose the epidural.   

The epidural was magical and took away ALL the pain.  I napped, we talked, watched football and had a wonderful calm 4-5 hours.  I progressed fairly quickly throughout the day, getting to 10 centimeters around 3:00.  Still not feeling a thing, they start telling me to push through the contractions which I couldn’t even feel.  As magical as the epidural was, I think it really hindered me at this point in labor.   They literally had to tell me I was having a contraction and to push each time.  After about 2 hours of pushing they realized he was sunny side up (face up instead of face down) which was why he kept being sucked back in every time I would make progress.  Finally after a little scare with Dylan’s heart rate, they told me I had a couple more pushes or they were going to have to “do something else”.  I was determined to NOT have a C-section at this point and somehow managed to push him out after 3 hours. Ughhh!  
My second, Will, was basically the complete opposite experience from Dylan’s birth.  I woke up on Thursday morning (3 weeks before my due date) feeling a little crappy.  I got in the shower around 7:15 AM, as I had planned to work up until I gave birth, and while showering started having contractions.  Thinking…no way this is it…I got out, got dressed and at this point contractions were coming fast.  I yelled down to Luke and told him we had to get Dylan over to our nanny share ASAP and get to the hospital.   I walked Dylan over to our neighbors around 7:40 (where his nanny watched him) and literally had to stop a couple times (in 1 block) to breathe through contractions.  We drove straight to the hospital, still not in intense pain but the contractions were coming regularly.  Luke wanted to valet the car but of course I said no, I can walk across the street.  (maybe next time I should listen to Luke)  I barely made it, checked in and basically told the lady she better get me back to the midwife soon!  

They looked at me like I was crazy, (you just arrived here) no way you’re having your baby any time soon but as soon as we got back to triage I told the nurse I HAD to push.  She laughed, told me to get on the bed and she would check me.  Of course, Will’s head was RIGHT there and they rushed me upstairs yelling at me the entire time because I wanted to push and they didn’t want a baby born in the elevator. I was begging for drugs because the pain was inconceivable to me but it was WAY too late.  After my first push, I literally stopped; told the midwife I was done and if I pushed again I was going to die!  (Allie you are my hero! ) After a little convincing that I had no other options, I started pushing again and 15 minutes later William Luke was born at 8:20 AM.  (1 hour after contractions began!)
I was shocked at the difference the two labor and deliveries were with each having pros and cons but I think if I could choose I would go route #2 again.  I truly believe every woman’s experience is so different and every mom does everything she can to ensure her baby’s safety coming into this world.  I’m gearing up for delivery #3 and can only imagine what this little girl will surprise me with.  I’m just praying my husband makes the birth, she isn’t born at home, in the car or the elevator…other than that all’s fair game!
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  1. Wow what exciting birth stories. My first labor was pretty quick at only 6 hours. I'm due with my second in 6 weeks and I'm anxious to know how it's going to turn out. They say each consecutive birth is faster so hopefully mine is nice and quick....but not too quick that I can't get my epidural, that's my fear.

    Do you have a link to your blog? I would love to follow your story.

  2. Every birth is so different! My first was slow and with an epidural but my second was fast and furious! I was also WAY too far by the time I got to the hospital and the pain was unimaginable... BUT she was out in 2 pushes once the doctor got there!! I'm lucky she didn't pop out in the car! LOL... good luck with your 3rd!

  3. Traci - here's the link to my blog, I'm new to this guest blogging thing and didn't even think to link up. :)