Pushing myself....

Today I took a big step for myself as a mommy of 3...
I tackled the grocery alone...
I had been dreading this for no joke, months...
I always said there was NO WAY it was humanly possible to take all 3 out alone...
::i sell myself short a lot::
I envisioned all the worst case scenarios
The typical ones like...
  • All 3 kids crying simultaneously
  • One of them falling out or jumping out of the cart
  • People judging me ::oh wait that comes with mommyhood anyways::
  • Them throwing stuff around or dropping a carton of eggs!? 
I had a plan ready to go.
Jude: Baby Bjorn
Luke: Front of the cart
Vincent: Riding in the main part
Me: Holding it all together 
The list was made, the kids were dressed. OFF WE WENT....
 The goal...get in...get out...FAST!
Notice I parked beside the cart return to load the kids in the cart right away and for easy unpacking!
 Getting the troops in order....
 Luke snagged a pear right out of the gate
::don't worry I paid for it::
 Jude was snoozing on me the entire time...Thank the Lord!
I got a lot of looks, mostly double takes of how many kids does she have lol
 The boys did great...so I piled them back in the car and gave them a treat lol
 Operation grocery was a success....
This whole little ordeal got me thinking a lot about pushing myself...
I felt this overwhelming sense of power after I did this today...
::I could have easily waited til Jordan was home like I typically do::

But, I would have never had this rush if I had just sat back and not taken the leap...
Sometimes getting out of your element or comfort zone can change your life...
I know this may seem like just a small task but to me it is huge.
It opens my eyes to what I can do when I push myself...

Never in a million years did I think I could handle a baby...
Then a baby and a toddler...
Now a baby and 2 toddlers...
I would have never pictured myself doing all that I do 5 years ago...
But here I am, a momma of 3 and not letting it slow me down....
I want to see and do a lot in our family life...
Just because we have little ones doesn't mean we are summoned to our home...
So today I took another step in tackling daily tasks with 3 head on and I won.
It may be small in the grand scheme of things but it's a victory nonetheless and I feel great!

My advice ::if you want some::
Face your fears...
Don't sell yourself short...
Push yourself to try something that scares you...
You may discover some hidden strengths you never knew you had...
If it all goes down the crapper you will at least have a good story to share! 

Have you experienced a similar victory!!?!


  1. go Allie!! I'm proud of you! And, as always, you ALL look adorable doing what you do!!

  2. I was terrified of this same thing before I had my second in January. My 3-year-old thinks it's hilarious to book it across Target. I agree though, we totally sell ourselves short...the first time (when baby was a few weeks) went off without a hitch! Go you!

  3. Totally get this! I have a 13 year old, a 20 month old and a baby on the way. The thought of having a teenager, toddler and newborn scares the heck out of me. Glad you accomplished your task and it seems you did it with ease. Way to go girlie!!

    1. Wow, Angie... your family sounds very much like mine! My oldest boy is going to be 13 soon, my second child, a boy, is 21 months, and my youngest, a girl, is now 6 weeks old.

  4. Allie you rock!!!! Seriously!!!! I want a backseat full of babies... think I could wear a baby bjorn to work?? Hmm...

  5. As a mom of 1 I know how scary and challenging that was for you! Good job!

  6. You GO mama! Yoy're so rad. I just adore ya!

  7. Wow! You are awesome! The one time I took the little ones to grab a few things alone, the baby (5 weeks at the time) screamed her head off the whole time. I left before finishing feeling thankful that my 20 month old (who has a number of delays) was an angel the whole time-- which is not the norm!

  8. Wow you are amazing! We watched a lady at the store get her newborn and toddler in her car to take notes. I am worried about doing it with two, so if you can do it with 3 then I know I can do it!

  9. Love this post! You are an amazing momma! If I wouldve been at the same store and saw you... I would have snatched those babies from you and snuggled them and stole them. Then I would have left you with my MONSTERS at the store... :) hehe

  10. Way to go Momma! I'm already thinking about how I'm going to do it with two. I love grocery shopping with Hadley. she always behaves so well and it's fun! I hope the 2nd one will be just as happy and easy.

  11. Wow I'm impressed! I'm still scared to take my ONE child to the grocery store alone. I've done it a couple times with my husband but I just know as soon as I take him alone he'll have a major meltdown or butt blowout :)

  12. You are awesome! I'm glad to hear it went so well. After I had Keira I felt the same way but the first time you get out & do it it makes you feel like you can do anything. Good job mama!

  13. Go Mama!! I never would've thought you sell yourself short...when it comes to you, you are super mom :)

  14. Way to go Mama. You make me look bad too. Haha.

  15. I totally park next to the cart corral too!

  16. you are a much braver woman than me. I use up my rare babysitting opportunities with my mom to go grocery shopping with moneybags (iggy) haha. I get to bring home more when he's there approving all purchases than when he gives me grocery money

  17. I give you props. I have a hard enough time with my two and they are 6 and 10. You did good!

  18. AND you took adorable pics of the journey! Wonder woman!