Quick hello!

Things have been going amazing with Jude....
When I get some time I will write about the switch from 2 kids to 3!
Not near as scary as I imagined...
::knock on wood::

Luke and I were super sick yesterday so that was NOT FUN....
I puked once and he puked 7 times....
It was like whatever went in came directly back up...
It was heartbreaking!
So far today he is fine and we are both hopefully on the mend!

Thought I would share a few pictures of Jude:)
He is ONE MONTH tomorrow!!!
::Verner also turns 4 too::
I am still in shock how quickly this month has flown by....

Today we are going to color some easter eggs and
get ready to host Easter tomorrow...
I cannot wait to eat ham! YUM!
I also cannot wait to dress my boys in matching plaid shirts
::yes, I am that mom!::



  1. Yesss!!! Please tell me Jordan is going to match too!!! He's so so cute!!! Love the pic of you & him!!! Glad you guys are feeling better!!! Happy Easter!!

  2. So sorry you were sick :(
    Jude is precious, precious!

  3. Awe hope you guys feel better.
    Jude is adorable & I can't believe he'll be a month old already.
    Have a great Easter. We're dyeing eggs today too

  4. Jude is so cute! I'm happy to hear everyone is feeling better and can't wait for that post on 3 kids. I'm SCARED! :)

  5. Allie, Jude is so beautiful! You make me want another baby!

  6. Happy Easter, Jude is so very beautiful. So are you, and I hope the sick is all out of your house :)

  7. Happy Easter! I hope you're feeling better by now :) I love these new pics of Jude, can't believe he's already 1 month!!

  8. Allie, I'm sure you know how beautiful Jude is... really, what a gorgeous babe!
    And from what I hear, going from 2 to 3 is less painful than going from 1 to 2, and with someone like you, and expert mom, I know you'll rock it!
    Happy Easter!

  9. I'm sure glad to hear you say it hasn't been as scary as you thought. I'm getting ready to go from 2 to 3 and the thought actually terrifies me!!!!

    LOVE the photos- can't wait to see pics of those matching shirts :)

    Have a great Easter friend!

  10. what kind of camera do you have?? your pictures are always so good and clear!!! Happy one month to you cute adorable baby Jude and happy Easter to you and your beautiful family!!

  11. What lovely pictures of your baby :)
    Happy first Easter with him!!

  12. Oh I'm sorry to hear that you guys were sick...hope you are all better soon! Love all the sweet pics of Jude can't believe he's a month old already!

  13. Hope you are all feeling better ! But Jude is precious! and OMG he looks just like you!

  14. I can't believe how time is flying! (and yea, that sweet boy gets my heart all ready to welcome another one here at mi casa!) Hope it happens soon.

    Anyway, are those blocks as big as they look???