2 months....

I am in utter shock that Jude is 2 months old today!
He is such a sweet baby
(10 times more calm than V&L ever were)
He literally never cries unless he is hungry!
It is seriously so nice to have a quiet baby after the crazy Luke Cosmas! haha!

Jude had an appt last week and was 13lbs 8oz and 23 inches
He is growing like a champ!

Here are some pics of little man...his jeans are 3-6 mos...
Luke peeking on his bro!
He calls him "Dod-en" 
         Check that stink eye in the right pic! haha
Oh No!
 Well I can hear Vincent and Luke are up! Luke is yelling "Maaaaaaa!" 
No joke it sounds like from Wedding Crashers when he yells "Maaaaa the Meatloaf"

Have a great Tuesday loves!!


  1. he has to be one of the cutest little boys i have ever seen! I could seriously kiss his little face!

  2. Oh my gosh!!!Jude is such a looker (: you are such a lucky Momma to be surrounded by such cuteness!!! Love love love!

  3. Oh man he is so cute!! In some pics he looks just like V and others L. You've got some handsome men!

  4. O M G sooooo cute!!!
    love it!

  5. CHEEKS!!

    He's super cute. Do you spend all day kissing those cheeks? Cause I totally would. You make some cute little ones.

  6. Happy 2 months Jude! I am loving those chubby cheeks. He is just to cute for words!

  7. I can't believe it's been two months either! He's adorable as ever. :)

  8. Ah Vaughn's two months is on Thursday. I can't believe it either!
    He looks sooo much like your oldest I can't believe it!

  9. You're lying! How is he two months old already?! What a great little brother Jude is to give you a break on wild children. So thoughtful :)

  10. 2 Months already? That seems impossible!!!!

  11. I was just thinking about him today when I was driving home from work that he is 2 months old. Little cutie. Hugs and kisses to my three handsome grandsons.

  12. Such a cutie! Time is flying :o)

  13. Just found your blog and wanted to say Hi! What adorable kiddos you have!! :) I look forward to following. Hope you'll swing by my blog sometime as well.