Sunday, May 6, 2012

Ask Me Anything {Vlog #1}

After like 10 attempts I got one that is decent....
A little LONGER than I wanted but I get distracted easily...
{talking about iPad covers}
Next vlog I will talk quicker :)

I will do 1-2 more vlogs to answer all the questions...
you are totally going to get annoyed seeing me THAT much haha!


  1. You're so cute, Allie! Not boring at all. :)

  2. your adorable! I loved this!

  3. Loved it! You're a natural vlogger :) All the more reason to get our vlog link up a rollin'!!!

  4. I agree with Kay! I loved it!!

    "He's.... HOT"



  5. Agreed...not boring at all and so much fun! I decided that yes indeed, we need to live closer and be friends who get to hang out!

  6. Loved it! Picking Godparents is very difficult. My brother's Godparents are MIA as well. So when Ryan and I chose Godparents for our children, we decided to pick close family members...because then they can't disappear! Haha. Most of the people around here are Catholic, so I was surprised to hear there aren't many where you live. Too bad we don't live closer to one another because we aren't overly close to any "serious" Catholics and I'd really like to spend more time with another couple like you guys. Looking forward to the next vlog!

  7. Allie I really like the Vlog, I can multitask while listening to you as opposed to having to stand in front of the computer reading. Is it easier for you? I might have to give it a try sometime. Regarding the Godparents we had a similar issue. My brother and sister are Mya’s Godparents and we chose friends for Max’s that didn’t pan out as we had anticipated. We learned our lesson and Maddy has my brother and sister as her Godparent too. I don’t think some people fully understand the significance of being a Godparent, it is such an honor. Looking forward to future Vlogs!!

  8. hahahahahaha! is alex singleeeee???? Loved this!!!!!!! 1. Jude passed out so CUTE! 2. Vincent ... I want to steal him. Reese and Vincent are destined to be BFFs. 3. I SPY THE CUP I GOT YOU (on the nightstand). I'm a creeper, yes. Can't wait for more of these you little Vlog expert, you.

  9. MORE KIDS?? GOD BLESS YOU!! I have two amazing little men, but lord help me if we have anther anytime soon. You must have the patience of a saint. :)

  10. this was fun! I think you're a natural vlogger, I'm kinda dweeby at it =)


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