Friday Videos....& #FF!

I have a few videos I finally uploaded....
This is one of Vincent singing ABC/Twinkle Twinkle....

This is one of grown men (Jordan, his twin Alex, and David) devouring the remains of V's bday cake. 
They are a tad boring at

This last one is one of Vincent last year when he first started talking....

I am also linking up in Hollie's #FF!

Happy Friday!!


  1. um who wants to date Alex? Excuse??? HE's MINE!

    haha jk jk.

    LOVED this video, i want to come hang out with yall!!! We would have SO MUCH FUN! Seriously.

    THIS FALL WE ARE MAKING IT HAPPEN. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go leave Alex a comment on his wall regarding this video.

  2. omg Vincent singing is just too cute for words. I want to steal him. WHy are bebe's soooo presh! Angels.

  3. Vincent singing his ABCs and then into Twinkle Twinkle reminds me of this video I have of Kaylee doing the same thing...their destined to be together! haha

    That video of your hubby, his brother and david is pretty funny!

  4. Lindsey's future hubs is quite the dancer. I think this will satisfy her lifelong dream of marrying one of the members of thunder from down under.

  5. Love the remix!

    New follower from the #FF linkup party.

    Dana @