Grandma's 80th! (Photo Dump)

Jordan's grandma turned 80 last weekend!
Her kids threw her an amazing party!
I was shocked by the amount of friends she had there, the room was bursting at the seams!
She is such a special lady and friend to so many and I admire her very much for that!
Here are pictures from the amazing celebration! 
The theme was an old hollywood movie theme...
They even had a parody of "The Brady Bunch" done with their family photos and sang with their last name!
This one makes me tear up a little...
Vincent helped her blow out the trick candles!:)
All the grandsons danced with her...
I like the one on the right because of Lulu:) 
My husband insisted this 1960's family pic...
After the luncheon party we all attended mass 
and then ended with dinner at her house...
Where she opened gifts...

::Insert best gift ever::
{coordinated by yours truly and pinterest}
Those 80 envelopes include memories and photos from Jordan & his siblings! 
It was seriously so fun watching them all fight over who could write each memory!
They have a lot of great memories with her!
She read them all and guessed which of them wrote each...
Jennifer claiming it was hers haha! 
We had a blast but had to bail halfway through because our kids were going a little nuts
::I am sure crazy Uncle Alex didn't help!:)::
It was seriously a picture perfect day!
I love spending time with Jordan's grandparents (both sets)
I lost all my grandparents when I was younger so getting to share 
our children and family moments with his makes me feel so lucky!

Happy 80th Grandma!!! xoxo


  1. How fun. Happy 80th to her. Looks like everyone had a great time. Great pictures

  2. That's so nice! We had an 80th birthday celebration for my Gramma too. Great pictures!

  3. Happy Birthday Grandma!! She looks awesome for her age. It looked like a fun special day and I loved the theme! You look good too girl!

  4. Awwww! Now that is one darn cute LOVED GRANDma! I just loved these pics sweet Ally!

    Btw... mama looks DANG good girl. LOVE your little black dress, & Ugggg... your fellas look ed stinkn ADORABLE!

    Hope your doing great mama. Have blessed week!

    P/S WHAT UP, NJ house wifes is baaaaCK! What the heck os wrong w/ Ashley... she bug the CRAPtion out of me! Ok Byeee.

  5. Beautiful pictures! Looks like a blast :)

    I LOVE your dress! :) and your family? hello beautiful!

  6. What an amazing party for such a beautiful lady! Happy 80th birthday to Grandma. I'm sure she felt very special :)