I'm Sorry....

I have noticed the past few weeks I keep losing followers...
And I know it is probably because I am not commenting on a lot of blogs lately...
I keep all the comments in my inbox and keep telling myself that I will respond to them,
Just to have them keep piling up and UP!
I just looked tonight at my email and I have over 500 past comments that I have not
responded to and I am seriously so sorry.

I love EVERY single comment that you leave me.
I read every single one and I laugh at all of them and LOVE that you took the time to write them.
I sometimes have a second to respond to a few but I literally have just sucked lately.

I love you all, I seriously do!
I have made so many amazing friends through blogs, so please bear with me.
I am trying my best to keep up with all of you, I truly am but lets face it...
My days are jam packed to the brim with my kiddos
and as much as I wish I could read all your blogs and comment.
I can't....

I am first and foremost a mom to my adorable boys.
And a wife to my sexy husband.
They are my life.
Blogging is a hobby and comes behind my family.

If you want to stop following me because I am busy with them, then so be it.
{don't let the door hit you on the way out}
I am honest enough to say that I cannot keep up at the moment.

I am sorry if you feel offended by my lack of comments.
I am sorry if I have made you feel left out, in all seriousness that is the LAST thing I would ever want.

This whole blogging game is about keeping up with everyone and I just can't at the moment.
Tonight I am going to delete my inbox and start fresh.

I am going to try my best from here on out to get back in check.
If you are new and I am not following you PLEASE leave me a comment to let me know.
Also if you are new and you want your button on my sidebar message me...I would love to have you!

So here's to starting fresh (hopefully I can keep up)
I love you all....

PS I met my lovely blogger Kay this past weekend.... (see, I do interact with bloggers haha)
It was THE BEST day ever...our families are in LOVE....


  1. I people can't understand that you are busy with babies than they have no business following you anyways! Family comes first! I willbalways follow and read new posts when they come! I do need to email u about a new button size though! Lol

  2. Don't worry about keeping up!!!

    sending you an email about buttons. Read it!!! or I'll stop following you... kidding!!!!!!!!!

  3. Anyone that doesn't understand you're insanely busy needs to get over themselves...my opinion

    Love you and your boys!

  4. If you're not going to follow me then I'm un-follwing you! Haha, totally kidding! I love your blog and your boys are too stinkin' cute! Girl, don't need to explain nothing; you're a mom and wife and we all know that YOU ARE A BUSY BEE. I'm so jealous that all you bloggers get to meet in person and I'm stuck in the middle of the Pacific Ocean...waaaa! xoxo

  5. don't say sorry girl! I love you and your blog. Your boys and hubby are the most important ever.EVER. leave us on the back burner, it's OK... I UNDERSTAND and those that don't screw them:)

  6. If ppl can't understand how busy you are with those cute boys, then who cares if you lose them!! They arent worth it!! And please don't apologize...life gets crazy sometimes!!

  7. I never comment but had to on this one! Seriously, if people are going to stop following you just because you don't comment - you don't need them! The thing I love about blogging are the great friendships that I feel I've made along the way...and those are not the type of friends I (or you) need. You are a wonderful mom and blogger- keep up the good work!

  8. You don't need to apologize for being a MOM!! Hell, my blog sat there without any interaction from me for two weeks until last night. Family comes first and anyone who can't understand or respect that, can take a hike! Love ya girly and just keep doin what you're doin! :)

  9. Ah! People are crazy.. I don't know what kind of consistency they are expecting when they also expect you to be a good mom.. cause lord knows if you were blogging all day and night they would have something to say about it.. I have a recap of our day posting tomorrow :)

  10. Ahhh. Hello my sweet friend who I LOOOOVE. Girl, no apologies needed. At least w/ me hon. I am too sorry for not being the best pal lately... AND I just have one crazzzy kiddo! I just love the heck out of you, & are so glad we met. You were one of my very 1st blogging friends, & made me love this whole beautiful nuts bloggy land even more.

    So glad you said that about the button thingeee. When I got my blog makeover my ENTIRE sidebar got erased... I just put you button back on!! LOVE you & have a lovely night w/ yo beautiful self, beautiful family, & darn sexy hubs!


  11. I love ya girl for your blog posts, your kindess, your sweet boys, and most importantly, your dedication to those boys and your family. You inspire people and that's what counts. You've been a great friend and full of support for me even though you've got your own busy life. Followers schmollowers right!!! :)

    I know, it still stings. But people love you for you! So keep being that woman! And I am hoping J makes me a button soon. I'd love for it to be featured. In the meantime, don't answer this comment. Instead go hang out with those boys!

  12. Oh girl don't worry about it! We all know you've been busy with your little ones...I still love you and don't expect you to reply to every comment.

  13. Chin up buttercup! I would never not be your friend and I'm the only one that matters right??!?! hehe jk. But seriously, I just told Kay, we HAVE to plan a Midwest bloggy meet up soon. I want a bloggy date!!!!!!! :)

  14. Don't sweat it!! You just had your third baby and I'm surprised you are blogging as frequently as you are! You are awesome and I thoroughly enjoy your blogs. I have been thinking about you the last two weeks though since you posted that you drink a lot of green smoothies. Kale and spinach are greens that should only be consumed raw infrequently. If you are doing it daily, you should skip the greens and just drink it with fruit or yogurt. I was going to let you know about this but then one of my blog heroes posted about it just this morning! So I'll let her do the talking. But please do check it out - you need to stay extra healthy for your growing family! http://www.thehealthyhomeeconomist.com/how-green-smoothies-can-devastate-your-health/

  15. I'm honestly surprised you have time to blog at all let alone respond to comments while chasing around 3 little ones. I never have time to get on my computer at home and I only have one kid so KUDOS to you!!! I'll still read your blog even if you never ever leave me a comment b/c I like what you have to say. Keep up the good work!

  16. You're crazy. This is why I dont even look at my follower count.. i keep at at the very bottom of the blog hidden so I cant obsess.

    1. Good for you. I am Allie's mother in law and I read her blogs just to keep up with boys and their antics.

  17. Seriously, you shouldn't feel guilty at all!!!!!! I just started reading your blog and it's adorable---I don't even know how you do it with three! And, if you really do have a moment, check out our website: http://www.thetweetingmoms---we just started ours and we are hosting our first giveaway until Friday!!! It's a monogrammed onesie--super cute:)

  18. I only have one child and keep up with the "extras" of life, I can't imagine having 3 little ones. I really don't think you should have to say you are sorry to anyone. If people don't understand then too bad.

  19. I don't blog (just reading them takes up too much of my time already!)so please know that you may be losing some followers but have others that are not being counted! Your blog is a blast, your babies are beautiful and you seem like such a fun person. Love reading how you cope with your littles, reminds me of those days so long ago....

  20. Don't worry about losing people. The people who are truly your "blogger friends" will stay with you. See you this weekend.