Pet Peeves....

1. When people post vague statuses of facebook or twitter....seriously begging for attention {gag me!}

2. When people are FULLY capable of walking and ride the damn scooters in the grocery...
::this makes Jude angry as well::
FYI I saw them walking to and from their car....

3. When I see people at the grocery with kids and carts full of junk.
Hmm I wonder why half our population are obese!?
::and when food stamps cover this bill it rages me beyond belief::

4. When someone starts a sentence with "I'm not trying to be a bitch but...."
{Seriously, who are you kidding}

5. When people without children try to parent mine....
::Especially when I am in the room....really?::

6. When people name their kids obnoxious things....
come on parents, would you really want YOUR name to be that!?

7. When people wear sweats to church. Seriously? Once a week people, if I can get dressed you can!

8. Teenage girls that dress like hookers...
Please girls you would be much prettier in a nice sundress without it ALL hanging out. 

9. That Jef with "ONE F" on The Bachelorette name is actually supposed to have 2 F's...
::Calling your bluff buddy!::
I am sorry that annoys the crap out of me! Leave the 2 F's friendo!! 
And for the love of Mike chill with the hair

10. Bloggers and twitter people who are rude or cliquey!
Seriously we are not in high school and you are not that cool!

11. When people bitch about their weight but do nothing about it....

12. Men who refer to "babysitting" their own children...

13 PeOpLe WhO tYpE lIkE tHiS... 

14. People who interrupt you to correct your grammar/speech, paying no attention to the point your are trying to make. 

15. People who talk INSANELY loud in waiting rooms on their cell phone. Could the call really not wait?

16. People who spend money they do not have trying to keep up with the Joneses...
:It's okay to be the Smiths doesn't matter!::

That is all for now...I could go on and on....
What are your pet peeves!? :)


  1. I have serious mom brain so I often get words/terms mixed up and I hate when people interrupt me to correct me. It makes me not want to finish what I was saying...

    And I agree with many of the other points made too haha

  2. I love this. And agree with EvErY SiNgLe OnE :) I had to type it like annoys the shit out of me too. I'm going to have to do one of these post!!

  3. ummmm my pet peeves=all of the above...hahahah bout awhile back we were really struggling and I qualified for food stamps.......during the application process the governor dropped the income limit so after months waiting for some much needed help i no longer qualified .....the same day i get the letter explaining this i go to the supermarket in tow ....and I literally am scrounging my purse for change to pay for 2 things and the B&%$H in front of me was at least 100 lbs overweight and all 4 of her kids were overweight .......with a cart full of chips and ice cream .....and she whipped out her damn food stamp card to pay!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I agree with a lot of those but I do need to point something out. A person may be able to walk into the store and seem normal but need the scooters when they get in there. It's the same as the people who get criticized for using a handicap sign when they don't seem to need one. My mom looks pretty good on most days but she has a horrible spinal disorder that doesn't allow her to sit, stand, or lay down for extended periods. Plus a list of symptoms that would shock you. She doesn't look bad but NEEDS the handicap plackard. And soon I know she will have to use a scooter at Costco or the store. I honestly don't know how she manages to watch Katie a couple days a week. Also, when we went to Florida in January I had to use a scooter at Disney. I have fallen out of an ambulance flat on my back on the side of the expressway, been rearended and hit head on at 50mph and messed up my hips, back and neck. I just couldn't walk the length of the park. It was the most embarrassing day of my life. Of course, being fat doesn't help. Please remember there may be more to some people's stories that isn't apparent.
    Also, please remember when someone is overweight it really isn't as simple as doing something about it. I have struggled all my life and it's hard, very hard. Of course there are times I don't try and that's totally my fault. It's very overwhelming sometimes and it's very hard for people to understand unless they have faced losing 100-150 pounds.
    Cell phones! I hate it too when people talk loud on their phones in public. Why can't people just respect others!

  5. This cracked me up!! I hate the Twitter cliques and vague statuses, too. Like "please pray - that's all I can say, just pray." Ummmmm no. What's the best obnoxious name you have?

  6. Can I add to #2? People who should be walking taking scooter rides.

  7. I'm generally with you on 7, but I will forever remember one Sunday when I was on my death bed (terrible flu, could barely move). I pulled my butt to church in PJ pants and a hoodie (mainly to make my peace with God before I died from the aforementioned flu). From that day forward I swore I'd never criticize someone in Church for the clothing he wore.

  8. I can't stand those people who ride the scooter simply because they are lazy and/or overweight. Its usually pretty obvious who needs it and who doesn't! I'm so with you on that one and many of the others you pointed out, lol. My other pet peeve would be people who make comments on other peoples blog trying to make them feel bad for their OPINION! This is your personal space you can say whatever you want and express how you feel. If others disagree then they should address it in their personal space. ;-) Rant over. Hehe.

  9. haha I have to agree with every single one of these. I was just nodding my head the whole way through reading... well nodding and getting annoyed just thinking of these people/things!! :P

  10. #5 for sure bugs the hell out of me! I'm sorry but I don't care how many nieces, nephews you have. If you dont have your own you dont get it! hehe ok that's enough from me. :)

  11. I love this!! I agree with MULTIPLE points but the ones that stick out the most for me are #10 & #11... I can't stand clique-y bloggers- seriously! get over yourself. and If you are going to bitch about your weight do something about it. It's called self control & choices!!

  12. haha I agree with


  13. Awesome! Haha! Nothing worse than a vague status. Also, I agree that money doesn't matter. Money only matters when you buy something with it. Money is actually worthless just sitting around, and when we exchange money for a good, we become happy that our money turned into something we wanted. Of course, people shouldn't spend ALL their money on stuff and then talk about how broke they are for the rest of the month, but I'm just saying that money sitting around without being invested into something that brings us joy is really worth nothing at all.

  14. I loved every single morsel of this post. And am now reeling in my own list of pet peeves! ha!

  15. Okay...I just have two comments about the pet peeves. The peeve about people using scooters in the grocery store...I think your comment was a bit insensitive. Many people are able to walk short distances, like to the car and back. However some people need to use the grocery store scooters because they cannot walk long distances and they are not able to stand in long lines. The fact that they are getting out to do their own shopping should be credited. The second comment would be the peeve about wearing sweat pants to church. It does not matter what someone wears to church, at least they are going! Maybe they cannot afford nice clothing to go to church. You are missing the importance here. Doesn't matter what you wear. Maybe they are just a "Smith Family" and cannot keep up with the Joneses!

  16. #3, 12, 13, & 15...are annoying! I just posted about one of my pet peeves today!

  17. Tell us how you really feel! lol I agreed with just about every one. I hate when parents give their kids embarrassing names too!

  18. Love this post!! I think that Jef(f) guy is SO weird..I don't know what Emily sees in him!

  19. hahahaha Pretty much everything you just WROTE! LOL

  20. people who get easily annoyed

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