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Friday, May 25, 2012

Photo Dump....

Wow I have been so busy these last few weeks, I was just uploading pics and realized I never showed any from Mother's Day!! I am so behind!
Happy Photo Dump Day lol 
A normal day in the life of Luke Cosmas...
Nap time equals Luke emptying drawers...
The super moon...
People watching at the zoo...
Happy weekend! xoxo


  1. Haha! Is it weird for me to say that I love your boys?!?! You have the most adorable family ever!!! Love ya girl! xoxoxo

  2. and that baby butt is to die for!!!

  3. Love naked heiney pics! And Jude is the spitting image of Luke, oh my word!

  4. Aw. Real life cute & a little bit of crazy! Just how I like it! Lol... I swear that was my sticky PB counter yesterday)

  5. You know I love your boys! They are TOO TOO cute! I hope Pierce is just as candid

  6. AWw your litte guy is getting so big.. make me realize how tiny mine is in comparison!.

  7. Those are some cute baby cheeks! I love the pic of all 3 boys!

  8. Oh my goodness, that naked little tush! All three of your boys are so beautiful!

  9. That one with Jude between Vincent and Luke crying cracked me up. Naked babies washing cars!? How have I not thought of this one!? Hahaha.


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