Root Beer Float Brownies

I love a good root beer float, I love when the ice cream fully melts and its a creamy milky mix!
:Seriously, it's one of those special things I long for:
I saw a recipe for Diet Coke brownies a few weeks ago but I wanted to try out Root Beer
and add homemade ice cream to give it a different twist 
{next I want to try orange soda...I love chocolate/orange mixed}
Therefore, I present to you....
Here is where it gets tricky...
You will need 2 things....{crazy stuff right} haha
A box of brownie mix
Can of Root Beer- I just measured out 12oz from 2 liter (cheaper than buying a 12 pack!)
Measure 12oz of Root Beer....
 Add to brownie mix....
 Stir until well blended and pour into buttered pan (I chose a 9x13)
 Bake according to box directions for pan size....
Allow to cool and slice....
 Add ice cream or eat plain! You can fully taste the root beer and they are super moist!!
It was a fun twist to normal brownies


  1. Never heard of these, but going to have to try!!!

  2. I want to make these. Right now!! They look so, so yummy!!!

  3. Ummm.... Yumm-O! I totally wanna make those!

  4. I never thought of putting pop into brownie batter; what a great idea! I've used root beer extract in cupcakes before, but it can be hard to find. This would be so much easier.

  5. YUM!! and your food photography looks great!

  6. yummm! Those look delicious! I must try :)