Sponsors...or what not!?

I have never really done anything with sponsors...
 Mainly because I do not want my blog to be filled with ads..
::crap, I should have added that to my pet peeves list::
It's always just seemed like too much of a hassle with all the pricing and ad sizes and CRAP!

I started this blog for fun and that is how I want it to remain.
I will continue blogging no matter if I have zero ads or 10.

Therefore if you have a blog you want me to promote on my sidebar just send me your button...
FOR FREE no gimmicks or hoops to jump through.
You do not even have to swap...I could really care less lol
I want it to be easy!

If you have a company or shop just email me (tableformore@gmail.com)
I am going to do all ads for $5 a month, I do not care what size. 

If you want to have my button on your blog, I would be honored. 
My love Tiffany just made it for me...

So if you know someone who needs some traffic to their blog tell them to send their button my way! 
If you know a shop, also send them my way also!
I was ads to be easy and not cost people an arm or a leg!
Check my sponsor tab for my blog stats
That is all...


  1. i would to swap with you for june if you are interested. no charging here for me either

  2. oooo, me! Can you put my button up? You're on my blog roll, but I guess I could take your button too... when I update. Mine is on my blog. Thanks!

  3. Let's swap buttons my lady!!

  4. Love for you to share my blog!

    You can find my button here - ashleyquarles.blogspot.com

  5. Love your new button I'll update out on my page later!!

  6. I loved being on your blog this month! Can I be here again next month? I have a new fancy shamacy blog design & button now! haha

  7. We want to join this swap---once we get our button! That's funny because we are having Tiffany design our blog as we speak:) And then we are ready to swap blog buttons, once we figure that out too! Can you tell we are new to blogging?!?!

  8. Any advice for us new bloggers?!?!

    1. Julie, I already love your site!! I added your blog to my blog list whenever you get a button just let me know!! Tiffany rocks, as I am sure you already know! She is so sweet! My advice is just stay true to yourselves, don't worry about who's who and what not! Blog about things that make you happy also! I feel like a lot of new bloggers get discouraged but your followers will come!:) Trust me!!!

  9. awesome!! I will be placing your button on my blog and will be e-mailing you my html for mine. yeah! I love your blog and have just joined it!!

  10. I am in! I always love getting new readers. :) I know my readers will love you too!

  11. I would love to be included! I've been following you since you my friend sent me a link to a guest post about MIL's...since then I've gone through a lot of your past stuff. I'll be sending you my button. Thanks!!

  12. Ohhhhh! I thought you'd never ask! Lol) I have always had your button up... it was one of my first fav's!!! I would be honored if you would have my button up!

    My code is on my sidebar) LOVE your pretty new one!

  13. I already added your button to my page! Your blog is one of my absolute favs. Feel free to put my button on yours too but you don't have to :)