Summertime Faves...

One of my all time favorite things about summer is WATERMELON....
My second favorite thing is GRILLING...then comes homemade ICE CREAM....
{my fave things always include food...clearly}
Luke crushed all three things(watermelon, steak and icecream) at dinner the other night....
In TRUE Luke MESS fashion....
(Yes, that is a sprinkle in his nose)

What are your faves???


  1. Bahahaha!!!! Love it & his little (big) personality!!!

  2. Ha ha at least it is hot enough to hose him off :)

  3. Love it! We have a messy eater too and it just gets CRAZY at dinner haha. And of course as a fellow food lover, I love watermelon, marshmallows, and frozen yogurt.

  4. haha he looks hilarious! :)

  5. we love watermelon and grilling out too, oh and ice cream of course! loving the messy pictures, so cute!

  6. You could have titled this "cuteness overload." Seriously--what a great little guy!

    Summer faves for sure include grilling and when we were in LA, SNOWBALLS! They are so different than snow cones and weren't crunchy ice but like velvet. True story!

  7. Mmmm! Watermelon is delicious! Another thing that I forgot yesterday haha!

    Cute photos, as per usual haha!