A twist on the Classic Pot Roast....

Alright friends, 
Nothing gets better ::in my eyes:: than a good tender pot roast!
It is one of my all time favorite meals not only because it is so simple.
I love to use the crock pot so when dinner time rolls around all I have to do is serve it!

I usually would always just salt and pepper my roast before my step mom taught me a little trick....
{let me first say that I cannot handle horseradish on anything else but this}
::It actually turns from spicy to sweet!! Its crazy good!::

What you will need:
Roast (whatever cut you fancy...we literally use every type thanks to having 1/2 cow in the freezer)
1 cup Horseradish Sauce 
1/2 cup water
(whatever other veggies you like)
 Salt/Pepper your roast and toss it in a hot pan with butter!
 Sear the outside to seal in all the juices:)
 After that smother that bad boy with horseradish, I even poke at it with a fork to get it to soak in.
 Place in the crock pot with onions and carrots
::we go HEAVY on carrots because the boys love them!::
Cook on high for 4-6 hours until the meat is falling apart! 
Add salt and pepper if needed! 

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  1. I looooove pot roast!!! Our cow comes in a few weeks!!

  2. OOOO I'm going to try this! I make pot roast alot but just use this packet of seasoning my mom uses but I'll try horseradish next time. yum! Thanks my lady!!

  3. umm get in my belly! This looks so good. I want to make this!!

  4. This looks awesome, and I love horseradish!

  5. Mmmm this looks so good!!! And really makes me want a crock pot!! Do you know if they take a lot of electricity to stay cooking for hours? We only have electricity about half the day here and the other half we run everything on big car-like batteries. I worry this would take up too much battery power but I keep hearing how handy these are to make meals and leave them to cook on their own! I want one!

  6. OMG that looks delishhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh and Im so hungry now ! Thats also one of my favorite meals!

  7. yum! I love pot roasts but I always feel like it's cold weather food so my time with them is very short. I go crazy when it's cold trying to pick a recipe haha