Excited for this....

My friend Lisa and I bid on tickets the other night at The Date Auction and WON!!....
Cannot wait to see Brad Paisley....
I am head over heels for them both!!!

In a few weeks I will be wearing some cowboy boots and plaid 
jamming out to my favorite tunes....hopefully with a cool drink in hand :)


  1. That's awesome! We were supposed to see The Band Perry at the Rodeo this year but had to cancel last minute. Hope you enjoy Momma! Yee haw!

  2. Love the Band Perry!! So jealous! My goal is to see at least ONE concert this summer. I have not been to a concert since before I had kids

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  4. JEALOUS!! He's on my must see list!! I've already seen Dierks Bentley, Blake Shelton, Miranda Lambert, Jason Aldean, and Lady Antebellum!! ENJOY!!

  5. ooh nice! I love brad paisley! He cracks me up!

  6. OMGOSH! We would SO be besties girlfriend! I LOVE me some Paisley (actually so much I think it's an adorable name for a lil girl!!), & The Band Perry! How much fun are you going to have! You must share a pic of you sportn your boots & your plaid mama! OH and have a drink for this mama too!! Dang it I use way too many {!!'s}! Lol)

    P/S saw on FB you were thinking of starting a little photography business. YOU would ROCK the crap out of that, & loved your flat fee idea! That's been my dream for a bit, & hoping it will start soon!! Sending big hugs my friend!

    SO honored to be on you sidebar, btw) xo

  7. So jealous!!!!!!!!!!!! I love The Band Perry---can I admit that even though I hit 30 this year?!?!?!