Monday, June 11, 2012

Motorcycle Boy...

Vincent thought he was the real deal on Papa's new motorcycle...

He loved honking the horn...

Luke was not a huge fan of all the honking...

Since it is summer please keep an eye our for those motor cycles :)


  1. So adorable! Poor luke! My kids love their Daddy's sport he wants to get a Harley too! I'm not sold

  2. Such a stud love muffin! So cute mama.

    Hey a girlfriend & I are starting a little photography group on fb for woman just starting out in the business. Really just to ask questions, learn from, encourage... each other! I'll send ya an invite when we get it set up!! xo

  3. Nolan would love that! He loves cars, trucks, and motorcycles!

  4. Your boys are soo cute I can barely handle it!!!

  5. Haha we are a motorcycle family too! My hubby doesnt have one (NO WAY!) but all Vaughns grandparents are bikers!

    1. We have a Harley trike, that is the only thing that I will ride, that is what motorcycle Vincent is sitting on. Grandpa's big trike: )

  6. Gosh you can see the boy in him right there in his toddler eyes! Too cute!

  7. Seriously adorable!!! Love me some boys!! :)

  8. And Grandpa let him on the motorcycle with a sucker in hand, that is Grandpa love for you :)


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