That time I met Kelle Hampton....

It's no secret that I love me some Kelle Hampton!
She is the reason I started blogging...she is hands down one of my favorite bloggers
(all you reading, are clearly my faves as well!)
Kelle always has a way with her words that just hits me...
So when she said she was writing a book I was ALL OVER IT!
She offered a skype session to book clubs if you ordered 10 copies...
You better believe I ordered those suckers for me and my friends....
A few weeks back we had Kelle in my living room....
She was so real and honest, exactly how I envisioned her to be.
There was no fakeness or BS with her. 
She is totally a woman that I would be friends with....
It makes total sense why she has such great friends...if you have read the book or her blog
you know that she has an amazing group of friends....I asked her if I could borrow Heidi!:)
She also brought Nella and Lainey on!:)
Nella gave baby Jude a kiss...
cutest thing EVER!

So skyping was not enough Kelle for me....
She came to Michigan and we went to meet her in person!
Once again she was the no BS straight shooting Kelle!
If you haven't read her book or blog...get with it!!

Thank you Kelle for opening my eyes to all things beautiful....
Sometimes as moms it is so easy to get lost in the rat race and not stop to smell the roses...
Since reading your blog I have done a lot more small things with my boys...
It really is the small things in life that make it worth while...
You are such a great voice for mothers and women....


  1. She is so tall! I remember reading her when I first started blogging. I think I need to go back and read her again. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. Love all the pictures!! Still so bummed I couldn't make it!
    P.S. LOVE the pants!! Where did you end up finding them? So cute!!

    1. Target!!:) It was slim pickings but these worked...I now want some mint ones...must find them ASAP!! MISS YOU!

  3. Yes! I read her blog and read her book pretty much the day it came out. I've read her birth story with Nella so many times just because it is so beautifully written.

    1. Best. story. ever!! I always send my friends there to read it! It never gets old!!

  4. I love her blog!! You look so tiny next to her!! haha

    1. She was rocking some high shoes!! I felt bad she had to bend down!!! lol

  5. LUCKY! love her. I think you were the one that actually got me addicted to her blog, book, and now instagram. Her family and life is simply amazing.

    and she is so tall! Love her outfit. And yours too :)

    1. THANKS!! I am glad you love her!!:)

  6. What a great opportunity to connect with one great blogger to another! I love reading both of your blogs:)