Traditions- German Festival...

Ahhh....Something I have always envisioned my family having a lot of.
I was always envious of families who could proclaim "we have done this as a tradition for 25 years!" 
I always found that so interesting and cool that each year a family would take time out of their busy lives to take a break and do something special as a family.
We did not have very many growing up since my parents divorced and everything was pretty random but I always wanted my family to create traditions that would stay with our children and grandchildren for years, even after Jordan and I are not around. I want them to laugh and giggle about all the fun they had each year and tell stories about "that one time....." or "remember when dad used to always walk barefoot"....
Something to that effect!:) 
I want to fill their lives with lots of traditions...
Not just the BIG traditions like vacations but the everyday traditions like prayers, nights in a tent, popcorn on Sundays, frozen grapes, reese cups on smore's, twizzlers with fireworks....

The one tradition that sticks in my mind the most probably because it was my most recent was that my dad and I would have dinners on Wednesday night at my grandma and grandpa when I was in high school.
I loved everything about it, getting to see them, the chocolate cake my grandma would make (because it's my dads favorite), talking after dinner and just spending quality time together.
Making it a point to stop in our busy week and visit with them.
Those visits sadly lessened when my grandfather got cancer, but I will never ever forget going there every week with my dad. I treasure those moments, even the ones where my grandpa got very stern with me about what life was all about (remember, I was in high school and thought I knew everything about "life") Life was not just about cheerleading practice and proms. Silly me!:)

I loved talking with them, the stories about from when they were younger. Man, things were so much better back then, and now that I am a mother I wish they were here to talk to, so I could tell them "I FINALLY GET IT!". They had so much wisdom and knowledge. 
These are the kinds of talks I want my children to remember from our traditions...

Therefore when I saw The Bavarian Festival, I knew it was for us.
Jordan and I both have German roots, so what better tradition to begin than the Bavarian Fest....
This year we attended the 54th annual festival...
I imagine that there were families there that may have been there all 54 years, how cool is that!?
We saw people with matching shirts with their families name on them....
{insert jealous me....joking with Jordan that, that will be us one day!"
Here is year 1 of our family trip to the Bavarian Festival...
The hotels in Frankenmuth are Bavarian themed which makes it even more special!
First thing on the agenda was hitting the pool! (a hotel tradition!)
 Next was FOOD!:)
 These peanut butter cups were AMAZING AND HUGE!
 Next STOP: MORE FOOD!:) Zehnder's Famous Chicken....seriously.SO.MUCH.FOOD!
 Next Stop: Festival Time! 
May pole dancers....
These two....melt my soul....
I seriously see this being Jordan and I in 50 years...
 I die over the cuteness of all the people in liderhosen!
 On the walk back we found peacocks (caged of course)

 The next morning there was a kinder joke, it was 10 minutes long!:)
Next year we will stay for the real Bavarian Parade!
We had a great time seeing all the fun activities and getting a little closer to our German roots...
Here's to hopefully making this a family tradition...
and us ONE YEAR sporting some german outfits!:) 

We also did Frankenmuth over winter....I think that will also remain a tradition!  


  1. Heyyy we are German too! Corey and I are both 1st generation Canadians :)

  2. Looks like the kids had a blast!

  3. I love that y'all went to this! Family traditions are so important. I love introducing Jackson to our traditions as well as starting new ones just for us. For way over 30 years my grandmother has had dinner at her house on thursdays and it is such an amazing tradition within our family. I LOVE that even though Jackson may never remember going while they are around I'll know and it's such a special memory!

    ps I hope one day you have a photo of you and Jordan with grown boys and Graying hair wearing some liderhousen :)

  4. That looks like a total blast! You're family always finds the fun things to do!

  5. Get on to sewing girl! I foresee y'all in those outfits too. Looks like so much fun and your kids are adorable as ever, but I'm not sure they beat the picture of the fried chicken. I'm just saying. :)
    Happy Wednesday!

  6. Aww so fun. I love family traditions.

  7. Looks like you had a great time! Love all the photos :)

  8. So cute---and I can't believe that you slept in the tent with all of you-you totally deserve a medal!!!!!!

  9. What a wonderful family tradition to start! Looks like you guys had a great time, love the pics, and those peanut butter cups, HELLO!

  10. I'm sure people have asked you before, and I tried searching your blog to get an answer for my question but I got nothing....why doesn't Jordan wear shoes? haha

  11. Looks like you guys had so much fun! Your boys are all too precious. You take amazing pictures. What type of camera do you use?