Home School Decision...

I have written this post in my head a million times. 
Mainly because every time I talk about it, I get bombarded with questions and advice.
More times than not that advice is against homeschooling.
That or they just give me the most horrified look ever.
Let's be serious here for a moment....
OH so true!
The new "normal" in society and schools is NOT what I want for my kids!
I love when parents say "Oh, well that is just normal" for kids to be being bad or cursing or I don't even want to think about it, but, being sexually active. "It's just normal"
Well I am sorry to burst your bubble all you "It's just normal" people.
It is not okay with me.
It is not okay for children and teens to be disrespectful, bullies and frankly little monsters.
It is not okay for our youth to be failing grades and our country to be so far behind in academics.
When in my eyes there is a better option.
I know, I know. I probably sound like a total jerk.
I was in schools and turned out fine. 
Many of us were, but now that I am in a position to do something different, I am all over it. 
Being a stay at home mom I feel I cannot do my job fully if I send them to school.
I fee like I would just be un-teaching bad habits and losing my parenting ground.
It is my job as these boys mother to form them whole.
That means academically, spiritually, every aspect of life that I can before they go out on their own.
Letting them go to school at age 5 is not okay with me. 
Vincent is so impressionable at age 3 and picks up on EVERYTHING, whether it is good or bad.
I want to be there every step of the way until he can make the right decisions on his own.
Trust me, at 5 years old he will not be capable of making the right choice.
He would do whatever everyone else did. 

Am I going to coddle and baby them? No.
I don't even do that as is. 
I am just going to be there. To help them to grow and learn. 

Do I think public schooling is bad? No.
Do I think private schooling is bad? No.

I just think that Jordan and I can do a better job to bring our kids up with Catholic values and a rich education. The education we want. Not the education the country sees fit. 

Do I think I am qualified to teach them? Yes.
My kids are my main focus in life. If I have to slave away all day and night to relearn something I have to teach them, I will. I will not fail in teaching my children their education. I sometimes think it is so funny because people say parents are not qualified to teach their kids and we need to leave it up to the "professionals" because we raise our kids to do EVERYTHING up until school without being a "professional" parent. It is just funny that they expect us to hand our kids over when they hit a certain age.

I am not arrogant enough to say that I will be perfect at teaching everything which is where my smart husband will fill in. :) If that does not work we will out source for additional help from a "professional" lol 

Did I always want to home school?
No, I had literally been excited for the days where I would be able to drop the kids off and go grocery shopping alone or maybe get a lunch date alone with Jordan. But it all changed when we visited a school last year.  It was the perfect school in my eyes. It was catholic, small and had amazing ratings. But when I walked in, I got an "off" feeling. The lady showing us around did not even mention their faith education until we mentioned we were Catholic, then she high tailed it on how "Catholic" the school was. I wasn't buying what she was selling. Sure, it was a great school and sure I know my kids would do amazing there but when it came down to it they would still not be getting the Catholic education we wanted. We would be paying thousands of dollars for something that was not perfect. 
So, we decided. Maybe home schooling is for us. 

We are still in the early stages of it since Vincent is only 3 but next year we plan on slowly starting. One of the best things is that my husbands job is in sales so we can travel with him to wherever we want to visit museums and educational places. Lots of field trips are at our fingertips! 

I just want the best for my kids and at this time home schooling is the best option for us. 
Is it for everyone? No.
Do I look down at anyone for putting their kids in school? Heck NO!
We all chose different paths in life and each path is fine. 
This is just the current path I am leaning towards.
Do I think I will home school forever?
I have no idea.
I know these first years I will and I plan through 6th grade at a minimum.

Also, this is huge. My kids will still be in sports and hanging out with friends.
I feel like everyone is always commenting on the socialization factor.
They will be just as social as the "normal" school child. 

I will post more on this later. 
I just wanted to get it off my chest on why we are choosing to home school.
I did not touch on every reason but those are the main ones.

If you have any resources for me, PLEASE pass them my way.
I have not chosen who to go with for curriculum or what to do yet so any advice would be great.


  1. Good for you for making the right choice for you and your family! We have been throwing this idea around for us too. As a Catholic, I cringed at the things that are taught in our Catholic schools here in Ontario Canada. They are becoming less Catholic, and private schools are hard to come by, not to mention expensive.
    Thankfully we still have a couple years before our kids go to school, before we have to really make a decision on this.
    Please keep blogging about this, I would love to see how it all goes for you!

    1. Thanks Mo!! It is a tad scary how many values are being lost at Catholic schools and the cost you pay, geesh! I will keep updating and hopefully be able to shed some light on the topic for you and others!:)

  2. Good for you!! I think your kids are very blessed to have you as parents, to make these kind of decisions instead of just doing what every one else is doing. Homeschooling is a sacrifice, in a way, but I think the rewards far outweigh any sacrifice. Thank you for writing such an informative and honest post. xoxo

  3. Get it girl! You wrote this so well and so balanced. I commend you for being open about this and standing by your values. It's very inspiring to see your passion about this! I support your decision 100%.

  4. My husbands aunt homeschools her three boys and they are all very smart and well behaved children so it can definitely work.

    Personally I could never do it. I don't have the patience for it nor do I feel like I would be qualified to do it plus we can't afford for me to not work right now. Fortunately the schools around us are really good in fact my FIL used to be the Superintendent of the county so he knows which schools are better than others around us.

    I wish you best and hope it all goes well.

  5. I love this post! We went with the core A Sonlight curriculum this year for Baylie. She will be 5 in October. I love that it has the teacher guide and all the prep work for you. It is a christian based curriculum, but does not "shelter" your child from things they need to learn. Good luck with everything. I know we are taking one year at a time, and going from there. I loved going to public school, but things have changed!

  6. A very brave decision. It's not one I could make for my own family, but good for you for sticking to your guns and doing what's best for yours!

  7. Wow that is certainly a big decision in life! Good for you for doing what's best for you and your family.

  8. Good for you for doing what you see fit! I was homeschooled 6-8 grade because we were in a failing school district at the time. My sister was homeschooled from 1-8th grade and then to a Christian high school and she is the most social person I know!

    At this point, I don't know what we will do. I see the positives to homeschooling being a military family with possible frequent moves. Also then we could have time off before/after deployments etc. Then some days I think it might be nice to run errands by myself ;) We will cross that bridge when we come to it I guess! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  9. I just happened upon your blog through Pinterest, I think. I'm an older Mom who homeschools her last child. The other two are 23/20 and I still have a 10 yo boy. I chose to homeschool because I had seen so many changes in the public system between the time my older kids were in school and this younger one, especially earlier start times (Aug. 14). It's also amazing the effect one teacher can have on a smaller amount of children. Kudos to you - it's a fun adventure and there is so much available these days online.

  10. We plan on doing homeschooling as well....and for a lot of the same reasons. I feel it is our job as parents to teach our children and most importantly their values and that loving God should be number one. Kids are having sex and doing drugs well before highschool now...yuck!! ill pray for you guys in this decision!

  11. I adore you, Allie! I have wanted to look into homeschooling for Pierce, especially for elementary school. But, I've always felt like I would fail him. But...I haven't thought about what I can do to improve myself to be able to teach him more!! I can't stand to see what the little monsters of the "general public" do and how they act. It's disgusting. I don't want him involved in that.

    Love you, as always!!

  12. I agree that teenagers these days are different from when we were kids, and the influences in schools nowadays seem increasingly negative. I am terrified about raising decent, moral, upstanding children in this society, and you are encouraging me to consider homeschooling as well. I have not really considered it much as an option for my family, but I am definitely becoming more interested, and I would love to hear about your adventures in home schooling. Thank you for sharing about this subject, and please do continue to talk about it! I think it is an important and valuable topic.

  13. Good luck with this, Allie. I am sure you will do a wonderful job.

  14. I am one of 11 children and my mom home schooled all of us. I don't know how she did it and didn't go crazy lol but I am so glad she did. I loved being home schooled. My parent's home schooled us for the same reason that they wanted to teach us about God, and keep Him a part of our lives even during our schooling, and to protect us from the things that go on in the public schools. I would say we all turned out well. :) So don't let the talk of other people get to you, (believe me, they will talk. Nobody can seem to mind their own business) you will do a great job I am sure! :) oh, some of the stuff she used was A beka, Saxon Math, and Bob Jones.

  15. I am right there with you! I believe this will be the biggest "discussion" (I won't call it a fight) my husband and I will have when it comes to our children. I am all for homeschooling and he was raised in a public system.

    Kudos to you for taking this path!

  16. I look forward to your "sports/ socialization" post. I want to homeschool my baby (and one day babies) so bad, but now I am going to catch so much crud from my family, because of the socializaion aspect!

  17. My nieces and nephews are homeschooled - family of 8 - and they are involved in every activity a kid in school would be into... sports, dance, gymnastics, piano, voice lessons, CCD, scouts, etc. They have their school day at home and then around 3:00 every afternoon their mom carpools them around to their activities. The oldest is starting at a Catholic high school next year - so for them missing high school sports/clubs/activities is not an issue. :-) I look forward to hearing more about your plans!!!!

  18. I really found this post interesting. I myself am torn with this subject. I really want my daughter (3) to go to school and make friends, but I also don't want her picking up bad habits and making her vulnerable to predators, be it adults or even other children. The stories I hear on the new so often scare me half to death. I applaud you for homeschooling your boys though. I have a quick temper and am very impatient, and my daughter is well...um...very "rambunctious" to say the least...lol. Ultimately I think we may put her in school, but if it doesn't work out for her, I may end up home schooling her. She is an only child so I'm having a hard time because she's a social butterfly and extremely bright, and I think if I homeschool her she may not reach her full potential. Oh, the ease f being a parent..lol :/

  19. And I understand your views on catholic school too, my hubby wants to send our daughter to the one he and his family went to, but I keep reminding him that obviously it didn't do him such a service because he was still being a little punk rock delinquent skateboarding about town while he was attending! I'm so fearing the teen years!

  20. you just did an excellent job of putting words to the thoughts and convictions i have felt. I agree wholeheartedly about your stand on this. Every day I become more aware of how important it is to be the one influencing my children. There are so many influencers out there, but I want our values and beliefs to prevail in the influence. It's scary to think of what could potentially take place to/with my children if I were to send them to a public school. My siblings and I went to private school and I was homeschooled for a couple years. My mom has become the president of the home school co-op in our area and she has so many great resources. Im sure I can ask her specific questions for you, if you have any. But I do know that Sonlight Curriculum has been awesome!

  21. Hi Allie! I have been enjoying your blog on your family decision to homeschool! I am so excited for you and Jordan to start out on this journey together. It is my personal opinion that teaching is one of the most rewarding experiences in life! I would suggest looking into the Saxon curriculum, as I know many children have made growth through that program. If you need any more ideas, please let me know and I'd be more than happy to offer other materials that could be of benefit to you.

    As a teacher in the public school system, I'd like to share my view point on the professionalism of teachers and the students that we come in contact with everyday. I feel that the media does a fantastic job of glamorizing the "horrors" that exists inside public and private school walls. I can tell you that teachers are highly qualified to educate children, and it is my belief that we are not respected enough to do the jobs God has called on us to do. I do not teach for the money, and I can promise you that no teacher does. Being a teacher invloves so much more that educating children. It involves being a positive influence on impressionable minds that need nurtured and matured. I am not only a teacher inside my four walls, I am a teacher at the grocery store, at church, in restaurants, and all throughout my community. I do not take my prefession lightly, as I am an influence throughout my entire community. I feel that most of my peers would agree.

    As for the children in our community, I can promise that the majority are kind spirited, well mannered, and polite. In my 5 years of teaching I have only encountered a hand full of students who live up to the reputation that the media scares our communities with. And those are the students who need our love and support the most! Seeing improvement and growth in a child socially is one of my most favorite aspects of my job. I fear for community members who are not giving our children the benefit of the doubt. In most classrooms, children are teaching each other and developing social skills that can be used in their future careers. Rarely do I see students putting others down, bullying each other, etc. Schools are positive, effective, and an enjoyable place to be. They teach not only academics, but tolerance, acceptance, and social skills.

    Our national school system continues to get better every year. However, when comparing our system with other coutries, a lot of people are led to believe that we are far behind. Our soicety has been misled. We are being compared with coutries who are only showing their "best of the best," while we are showing our overall performances. The majority of countries across the world have a system set in place where after a certain period of time, students are seperated. The higher level students are placed in different schools than their lower achieving peers. Our country does not do that. We offer fair opportunity to ALL students alike. Therefore, when comparing each country with eachother, we are put up against the "best of the best" when we are presenting ALL of our students.

    Most of us are products of the public school system, and I think that we have done well! I am in no way trying to create an argument for or against public schooling or homeschooling. I just want both sides to be looked at fairly, without our precious students and wonderful teachers scrutinized!

    Best of luck to you!