Homeschooling: My Take on Socialization

The main thing that comes up when I mention homeschooling.

It's kind of funny because socialization is one of the main reasons I do NOT want my children in school. They would be picking up the bad habits and traits that we do not want them to have in the first place. 
Like I said before the "normal" for children in the US in not okay with me. The bullying, the lying, the cursing, the disrespectfulness...the list could go on and on. It is just sick. I do not want my kids to be a part of any of that mess. And yes, it is a mess

So, yes socializing like the normal school child will not happen. And I am okay with that.
Socializing in a controlled setting will indeed happen with outside activities.My boys will be involved in whichever sports, music, extracurricular activity they choose. They will be with kids their age at all those practices and lessons. 

Sports will be huge for socializing with kids their ages. Sports were always my main location for friends and great bonding, so I know my kids will love everything about sports. Scouting is also a great place for them to learn how to work together, and also another place to learn how to do things on their own or in a group. Learning to become hands on and work on projects. 

I will also reach out to any other homeschooling families and find ways to get our kids together on lessons or day trips. We will not be alone on any of this journey. 

My kids will get a lot more outside socialization such as accompanying me on everyday trips such as the banks, groceries and normal day to day stuff. I will be able to use those simple errands as extra learning for the boys. They can help me in the grocery to get everything on the list. They can help me to add up the cost. There are so many lessons to be used in the grocery. Lots of hands on demonstartions will be at my finger tips on a simple trip to the store. The possibilities are endless for outside learning. 

My kids will not just be stuck inside with me staring at books all day. They will be out learning at every chance we get. Without the restriction of school times and school days we are free to do whatever we choose. If we want to visit my family mid week to learn about the amish, we can. If we want to go to the lake to learn about different species, we can. We can do whatever we want, whenever we want. 

I love the flexibility of it all. 

I firmly believe that children take after their parents as far as socialization goes, whether home schooled or public schooled. I am VERY outgoing and I can already see that in Vincent, he talks to EVERYONE. I think that as long as we push them to socialize, they will be social. I am not worried for a second.

Therefore, when people mention that my children will not be social, I just laugh!

My best advice if you are considering taking the leap to home schooling is do what you feel is best for your family. If people are flooding you with advice, ignore it. 

This is YOUR family, YOUR kids and YOUR choice. 

If all else fails. I will just put these shirts on the boys!:) 
Warning! Homeschool Kid shirt


  1. Mike and I have talked about homeschooling. He really wants me to do it for the reasons you mentioned. The socialization aspect is the main reason I hesitate. Most of the kids I have met that have been home schooled have been really smart but very awkward with interpersonal and social communications. However, I do think as long as the parents put the effort into socialization it is possible to home school and have normally socialized children. But I think it's harder than any of us think because of the time commitment.
    I think it's great you want to do this for your boys and wish you all the luck in the world.

    1. Thanks so much Tammy!! Oh the time commitment will be intense, but I think the hard work will pay off time and time again. PS the more moms that do it the more moms we have to lean on for advice and help! Plus with no restrictions dads can be huge in homeschooling. I know Jordan will be leading the charge in math and sciences:)

  2. I love this post. HSing has been on my heart and mind lately, as I told you, and I am already getting snares from people asking me when my 3yo will go to school. First of all, CHILL, he's just 3... school doesn't even START yet! And when I say we might homeschool, oh the looks. So I feel you.
    But like you, I agree with the pros... the flexibility the learning as quickly or as slowly as they need to, the hands on, the values and family closeness. I love all of that.
    I'm not concerned about THEM at all... in fact all of my concerns lie with ME and MY ability for instructing, creativity and patience.
    We're gonna give it a try for a year and see where it takes us... I never thought I'd be a homeschooling mom, but now I just might be!

    1. Thanks Nicole!! The looks are seriously epic! It's so annoying because we don't do that to people who talk about public schooling. It's so crazy!? Oh well, you will get that when you go against the norm. I am getting used to it!:) I totally agree about you worrying about your ability. I feel the same way, but I know if I put my mind to it, I can do it. You will rock it out as well! We can lean on each other and help each other! High five for both of us at least trying!:)

  3. One thing I've always wondered about home schooling is how does it work if/when they apply to college? How does the grading/testing work for colleges to see their transcripts?

    Do the public schools around you allow home schooled kids to play on their sport teams or would it be more club teams through the county?

    Best of luck. I hope everything goes smoothly!

    1. Shannon, we have looked into that as well. Colleges are actually loving home schooled kids. They get treated the same, you just have to follow the same guidelines and testing rules. Their test scores are actually higher ;) I am not exactly sure about sports but I know Tim Tebow was allowed to play on the local high school teams even though he was home schooled so I think that rule is becoming more effective. I am not 110% sure that we will home school all the way through high school but at least until they are well formed and mature to make the right decisions!:)

  4. I love reading these. I said before I don't think I could homeschool, but you are kind of inspiring me to feel like maybe, just maybe I could. I feel the same way you do about kids. I've even exprienced kids like those already at parks and different playdates and I don't like it one bit. My son is very sensitive and I hate seeing his feelings hurts. Preschool this year is going to be a huge test for me and for him. I'm already in a panic over it.

  5. I don't think I could homeschool either so I think it's wonderful that many mothers can! The thing is we all need to do what works best for ourselves and families while still being supportive of one another:) New follower!

  6. Love everything about this post!!! Ahh you have inspired me yet again. xoxo

  7. Homeschooling makes me nervous for this exact reason, socialization. The few home-schooled adults I've met through college were awkward and very child-like. But what you've said, that children will take this trait from their parents, rings very true with me. As I also have no doubt these awkward college students had just as awkward parents. I know you'll be a great teacher and role model for your boys! I'm excited to see how this goes as the time comes!

  8. I just love this :) I was homeschooled for a while and my sister was homeschooled for every year but high school and we didn't have any of those problems! Every week we went to a co-op and took classes as groups. We also did dance, piano, sports where we were around other kids our age. A plus about homeschooling is you aren't restricted to being friends with kids in your class/age group. You have to learn to interact with adults (gasp! ;)) and younger children as well and I think that is actually even BETTER socialization. Anyway, I know you will do a great job!

  9. there's so many homeschooling mom websites that help you find other homeschooled kids in your area so you can arrange park days/ field days too! Some of the curriculum sites have a forum to find moms using the same one as you!

    I still go back and forth over homeschooling. One thing that makes me not want to do it is kind of stupid but it sticks with me; I'm facebook friends with this girl that was homeschooled and her mom, and I notice they misspell the same words and it drives me crazy! lol

  10. You go girl! There are definite pros & cons to all aspects of life and at the end of the day its up to you & Jordan for the plans of your kidlets lives. I'm sure what ever you choose it will be well thought out and the best decision.