Quick Rant On Being a Momma.

I always want to write a post like this but it just always falls on the back burner.
That, or I get bombarded with things with the boys!
Being a mom is really tough.
I feel like I am CONSTANTLY judged and looked upon by others.

It's seriously 10 times worse than being in high school in my eyes.
I always feel judged and I hate it.

Am I doing the right thing for my boys?

Did I handle that situation perfect?
Are they eating the right things?
Why are people telling me to slow down on losing baby weight!?
Am I too anal about this or that?
I didn't use a wipe....did that mom see that!?
Does it really matter if my child is wearing shoes? Or is that lady just rude?
Why do people stare because I have 3 boys? Who cares if I have 3 kids?!
Should I have let my son have 3 suckers?!
Should I give my kids this or that? 
This mom does this...Should I?
Why are my kids not at the same stage as theirs?!
Am I green enough for so and so!?

Constant wondering and unneeded thinking and worrying are always going through my head.

I do not know if people are always judging me or if I just feel like they are?
It's probably just all in my head!? Or can you relate?

What I have learned in these past 4 years is that ALL those random thoughts and questions that you bounce around in your mind do not matter. I REPEAT. They do not matter.
::I have to remind myself this almost daily::

Who cares. Seriously. I am these boys mother and I know what works for us. 
Simple as that.
I am the mom. They are my kids. I know them better than anyone.
The same goes for you all.
You are the mom. They are your kids. You know them better than anyone else.

Let's stop the mom drama. Let's love eachother for who we are.
You may not do the same things as I do and that is fine. I still love you and respect you.
We all do what works best for our family at that given time.

We will never all be the same. THANK GOD.
How boring would that be? Our differences are good!

Trust your gut mamas. Don't let others pressure you to do something when it comes to parenting.
Be true to you. Be true to your kids and love life!

Being a mom is the best thing in the world.
Let's share in the joy and leave the drama at the door.
Who's with me?! 


  1. Well said Allie! I agree, it's ridiculous at times the things that people say to you when you do something different than they did with their family. Differences are ok. I think being true to who you are is far more important to your child/ren than doing something "perfect" in the eyes of an observer.

  2. Great post! I have been wanting to write something like this myself. I am so fed up with feeling judged and worried about everything. I know a lot of it is in our heads but a lot of it isn't... there are definitely 'judgers' out there and I wish they would just back off and let us do our thing!! Thanks for posting this... hopefully some of those judgers are reading! ;)

  3. Amen!! I think we've lost so much of the "respect the differences of others" and I hate that! While I know some people judge, I figure most mamas feel just like we do. More support, less haters! Just a great post Allie!

  4. Preach on sister! I've always believed that I am the best parent for my children because I understand them. I may not be perfect, but I'm perfect for them :)Love your blog. My gfc is having problems though so I will come back this afternoon when it works. It has sporadic malfunctions and when it does it usually takes about 5 hours and then it pops back up again. No idea why! Looking forward to following.

  5. Stop worrying. That is my only comment.

  6. I wished we lived closer because I would be your biggest SO WHAT friend.
    I don't even question whether or not I'm being judged. Honestly, just go confidently in whatever you do and don't even think about anyone else. Its very empowering and I know you are strong enough to do it!!

    P.S. I want to button swap with you! I put yours up on my blog.. let me know if you want my button :D

  7. I agree 100%!!!!! There is wayyy too much mama drama for me. We should all be on the same side, supporting each other, realizing that being a mama is TOUGH, not judging the heck out of each other. Thanks for your honest words, you're awesome!! xoxo

  8. I am with you! Great post Allie!

  9. Love the post!! New follower from bloggy moms, I look forward to your future posts! You can find me at

  10. Great post!! Do your thing you are a GREAT momma!!

  11. A to the freaking men!! Love this! I wish this was on the front cover of every mom book:)

  12. Amen girl! We moms are way to hard on ourselves and each other!

  13. You are completely right! I forgot that I used to worry about these things, but I don't have time to think about what others think anymore. I hope you know you are doing a great job and stop worrying about what others think.

  14. I've had to tell myself numerous times to stop comparing my 4 month old to anyone else's. all it will do is drive me crazy! Hes smaller then the rest and behind in development, but he has every right to be. That part I need to stop betting myself about he had open heart surgery at 7 days of course he'll be on his own chart. Still hard not to compare though.

  15. We all need to remember to support one another! No momma drama! I think you're doing a FANTASTIC job and are an AMAZING mom to your three boys

  16. Love you and this post! I'm constantly wondering how you make it all look so easy!