Please VOTE!

I haven't talked yet on this blog about Melissa Belcher yet!
I talked on my photography site, because 25% of my summer sessions are going to her!
I was introduced to her because
Our sweet family friend Katherine decided to raise money for her, instead of gifts for her graduation this year!
Mrs. Belcher is a teacher at a local high school and developed ALS during her 2nd pregnancy. 
 Also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, it is a disease of the nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord, which control the movement of muscles in the body. She has two young children and all the money Katherine raised ($3,000) is going to her boys college fund.
Here is how YOU can help us to make this year special! 

She is up for Coach of the Year and is almost winning....
Please vote, just one click, no gimmicks....Click on Melissa Belcher

Here is a video from this past fall on Melissa and her team....

Thanks guys! Voting ends tonight at 11:59!
Let's help her win $1,000 for herself & $2,000 for her team! 

If you would like more info on how to donate to her children, please contact me!


  1. I tried to vote but I couldn't, I think you need to have Flash Player and I don't have it on my work computer.

    ALS is such a horrible disease, my husbands cousin died from it a few years ago and my best friends mom has it and it's progressing very quickly.

    I feel awful for her family and her little boys. So sad :(

    1. OMG I feel horrid as well for her. It is so sad, she is in really bad shape :(

  2. She was so close, do you know if the poll they show on BCSN is the final tally?