Reality TV Sesh...

I love the start of the week...
Which commences 9pm on Sunday night with RHONJ.
Then ends Tuesday night with RHOOC.
In between there you all know is The Bachelorette.

That my friends is HEAVENLY in my eyes.
My husband thinks I am uber lame that I am obsessed with these shows.
But I eat it up, I love all the silly drama. 
I guess I would rather watch these crazy women do it than me live it!
It is my guilty pleasure when my kids are in bed!!
Oh, let's do a quick recap!

It was really a pretty mild episode. DARN IT!
The best part was actually what happened after the show on WWHL.
Yes, I watch that as well when there is someone good on!
Plus I love me some Andy Cohen...
bahahaha I googled his name and this came up so let's roll with a shirtless Andy.
Anyways, this week Melissa Gorga and Mike Tyson were on.
I was a tad hesitant to watch because the only thing I know about Tyson was he bit someones ear off...

If you can watch it, please do!

He knew everything about the housewives.
He said Teresa needs to step aside and let Melissa shine because Teresa is old news!
He also said he can relate to Teresa because they are both bankrupt and living in mansions and has no idea how they both still live there and own nice cars and clothing! 

The Bachelorette
I was very happy with Sean exiting.
I really did not care for him which is a shocker because everyone was uber obsessed with him.
He was "too perfect", perfect smile, perfect body, perfect family.
It was just too much in my eyes. 
Although I did almost choke last week when he said he still lived at home.
I sadly would have would not have been surprised
Anyways. I love Jef.
I bashed him at the start with his hair and only having one F in his name.
But man, he is my favorite now. 
He is so sweet and adorable with Emily.
Usually I would never pick the man in skinny pants but there is something about him! 
Even babies love him! 
Oh Emily, I pray you choose him.
Now onto Arie, I love him as well. But his family was weird.
It seemed very intense in his house. Like they were in a hotel lobby.
It was very creepy, then how they talked in another language. 
I get that she loves to make out with him and all that jazz but come on, family is important.
Can you imagine his parents babysitting Ricki? 
I am sure they love kids they just seem a tad stiff to me.
Family is important and I just thought that Jef had a more laid back and fun family!
Sorry Arie, your family talking in a different language didn't work for me.
Plus, I still can't get over the fact he dated that Cassie chick, she is not even cute!?

All I can say after that is, I wish it was next Monday.
Good stuff ladies.
Jesus Jugs, the trash talk, the bird was all good!
Vicki has clearly lost her marbles this season.
I feel kinda bad for her because you could see her literally falling apart each episode.
I cannot find it in myself to like Brooks.
Homeboy is a creeper. He is obsessed with her and it's weird.
It's like he is kissing her butt 247 with all the affirmations and mumbo jumbo.
And the fur coat. SERIOUSLY. Fur in the OC?
Also on Brooks. I guess he was on 20/20 for being a dead beat dad.
The video is on that last link!
He is for sure a DEAD.BEAT.DAD.
That poor little boy, I guess actually it is probably best he doesn't even know Brooks.
Stellar, buddy! 

Tamra is one of my faves and she looked horrible last night.
Her hair was HUGE. Her make up was bad. I was sad looking at her.
Her one line about Jesus Jugs made me very happy though. What a great dig!

Alexis is constantly being beat up. But no offense she does name drop expensive things 247.
She did it again last night. "Vicki is coming on the PRIVATE JET"
Seriously, who says that. 
And who wears a fake wedding ring? That just baffles me.
Oh, Alexis! I cannot wait to see next week. 

Heather, I just love her bluntness. She calls it like it is. 
Heather Dubrow The Real Housewives of Orange County
She is by far my new fave, plus she is brunette! Heck ya mama!

That is it for my reality sesh. 
I love my real housewives and other drama.
Anyone else loving their reality tv?


  1. I am right there with you! My hubby thinks I'm crazy but my nights while he is working are filled with reality tv! I almost died when she said Jesus jugs! Although no one else seemed to catch it but Andy and he just seemed confused! Heather is also my new fave!

  2. I watch the same shows you do and my husband HATES it. haha.

    I can't stand Teresa, much prefer Melissa.

    I like Jef too though it doesn't matter because she won't end up marrying whoever she picks, this is the Bachelor/Bachelorette after all.

    I can't stand Alexis, she's an idiot (she thought Costa Rico was in Mexico!) and her husband is creepy and too controlling. I LOVE Heather. She is the most sane and logical of the bunch.

    1. HAHA I love that I am not the only one who has a hubbs that hates it!! I used to love Teresa in her table flipping days but recently she has driven me crazy! Very true on the Bachelorette...they always break up anyway. GAG ME...yet I still get sucked in lol I agree on Alexis. She is clueless and so obsessed with money and being hot. Jim is a creeper for sure! Too bad you dont live close we could do trash tv nights!:)

  3. Jason thinksnim lame for watching the bachelorette and RHOOC. But I love them.

    I will admit I was one of the ppl who liked Sean maybe it was because he was hot. But m gong to root for Jef cause I agree Arie is getting kinda creepy and his family was weird.

    I agree Tamara looked like hell last night. Alexis bugs me to with all the expensive name dropping and her husband is so controlling. I love heather and her bluntness too. Vicki is losing it and I never liked brooks from the beginning creep show!!

    1. I seriously am curious is Tamra looked in the mirror. Usually she is so pretty, it was weird!!

  4. hey!! I'd like you to know it get's real cold over here by the beach when it's not in the middle of summer!!!!! :) Sometimes it's warmish in my city and I get excited and go to the beach and it's too cold so I hang my head and go home haha

    1. HAHA Oh Grace! I am a tad jealous you are that close to the beach!!

  5. love it!
    I don't watch New Jersey (never could get into it) but love the OC. Vicki is going to look back at herself in 5 years and wonder what the h*** she was thinking with Brooks! :)
    And I love the Bachelorette! Arie's family was super creepy and his life is definitely not what she is looking for, Jef is a much better match!

    1. Hi momma!!:) How is baby GIRL!!??! I agree with Vicki comment. HOLY HELL! She is crazy and going to regret all of this! :)

  6. I heard Emily chooses Jef! I'm so excited!

    1. I heard that too!!! I cannot wait to see for sure. I really hope they work out!

  7. I'm fairly certain every woman's guilty pleasure is trashy reality tv. If for one much prefer watching ridiculous women drama rather than live it :)

  8. Somebody else watches all this wonderful tv too:):):) I don't know why, but I love it!! It's a way to just veg and do NOTHING! And I'm totally Team Jef too:)

    1. AGREED!! It is so nice to watch and think "Wow I am super normal compared to this crap" haha

  9. I agree.... I am a big Jef fan now! :)

  10. Arie's mom irritated me! I did not like how she spoke dutch or whatever in front of her. You can speak english, be respectful!

    1. That was so insanely rude. I would have died. SO AWKWARD!

  11. You totally tagged me in a real desperate housewives something or other pic on Instagram and I had no idea what it was. Hahaha.

  12. HAHA. LOVE your recaps!!! Oh and Vicki - wth is she thinking?!?! Brooks needs to go away, FAST!! :) So excited for the reunion part 2!!!!!

  13. RHOOC was so good! I lost it when Tamara said Jesus Jugs, lol! Heather is my favorite House wife. She comes across as very strong and confident. I also like the fact that she clearly has money but she doesn’t boast about it. Can’t wait till Monday!!!

  14. I love that I'm not the only one that watches these TV shows!! It's so nice to watch "mindless TV" and see drama that doesn't involve anyone you actually know! lol :) I have to admit that I haven't seen any of the Real Housewives shows, but I'm sure I'd love them too! As for Emily- I wonder if she does something crazy and brings Shawn back based off the previews they showed. Hmmmm...would we be surprised? I do love Jef and I totally agree about how it was super awkward around Arie's family. You know, b/c I was there and all. ;)

  15. You are my sister from another mister! Except I think she's going to pick Arie except for now I'm not sure...

  16. This just made me SO so happy. I am right there with you! A total reality tv junkie. Especially the Real Housewives. LOVE all of them. My husband is so used to hearing me talk about them that he knows each of them by name and what dramatic events happen each season. And Im totally a Bachelorette fan too; could Emily be any more dang beautiful?!