Summer Fun: Gardening

I can barely keep flowers alive, let alone a full blown plant.
That is why Jordan is the gardener in the family at the moment.
This year we tried container gardening.
We had a ton of big pots that held flowers last year.
This year they housed carrots and arugula. (and spinach but that didn't work)
This is at the start of the summer. 
We took some out early because we were curious if anything was growing...
Some progress clearly. But we needed to let these babies stay longer.
A few weeks back we had the big carrot reveal...
Where we pulled a few...
They were still not FULLY ready.
(There you slightly met our neighbor boy in the pics)
A few weeks later we picked the rest. They were massive....
They were amazing....seriously, tasted like heaven! 
The arugula also is rocking it out. We use it weekly in Jordan's salad.
We planted more carrots and also planted watermelon just to play around with it.
The boys will flip their lid if melons actually grow. Here is what it looks like in 3 days from seed. 
Notice the two seeds on the tips. The plant literally grew out of them. Coolest thing, ever!
If you have the chance with the rest of summer or even next year I really suggest trying out a garden.
We did everything from seed but you can plant little half grown stuff and watch it grow! 
Your kids will love it! Vincent thinks he is the real deal gardening.
Luke is still a wild card, he is a little rough with the whole thing!:)

Sidenote: I also have mint and cilantro growing in a flowerbed. I LOVE fresh cilantro, it's so nice to have it right outside the door! 

What is your favorite fruit/veggie to grow?!


  1. I'm so jealous of your carrots!! We didn't plant any :( we're in the middle of squash explosion waiting on all those tomato plants!!

    1. Yum squash and jealous of tomatoes, I think we may try them next year! Plants are fun!:)

  2. That's so cool that you get your boys to help with the gardening. None of my carrots made it this year...and then last year they never got big enough :(

    1. Awe that is a total bummer. :( Jordan was on top of watering them everyday or else ours would have never survived! haha

  3. Carrots?! How cool is that! I don't do any vegetable gardening due to lack of space, but maybe I will have to take the potting approach! (And pray I do better with food than I do with flowers!)

    1. haha I hear you. 50% of our flowers are deadzo!:) Thankfully my hubs is a watering machine on the veggies! It is very easy and fun in the pots plus you can move them to get more light or wherever you want!!

  4. That's really cool! Next year I want to have a vegetable garden. We've got too much going on in our yard this year just trying to sprucen it up. I love chives and parsley! :)

  5. how cool! I want to start growing my own food but I think I'm going to wait until Anna's a little older so she can feel like it's her garden =) There's this pretty cool App I read about in GoodHousekeeping called "when to grow" that gives you all the info you need for each plant with the harvesting info based on your area