Swimming Safety...

I am a crazy person when it comes to kids and water....
It is probably because I had a near death experience at my grandmas pool as a child...
My own experience and reading my fair share of horror stories, I never want that to happen to my child...
Even if they are good swimmers it can still happen...
What I am talking about is drowning...
Drowing is the leading cause of death for kids ages 1-4...(1,000 kids die a year from it)
A common parent's worst fear...
(Or one of the many fears if you have a million like me)

Which is why I cringe when I know we are going somewhere with water near...
Jordan's dad lives on the lake where there is a beach and on the one side a place where they dock the boat.
The beach I am semi okay with, it's the falling off the edge near the boat that drives me nutzo.
I cannot tell you how many horrid images jump into my head when I think about it.
This is the edge that I am talking about. Ya. NOT COOL lol
Jordan was a swimmer in college and grew up in water so he is not as anal as I am...
But I always remind him that just because HE is a good swimmer does not mean our kids are safe.
Things happen so quickly that we have to be vigilant.
We are at the ranch this week and there is a lake. I have stressed about it for weeks.
Yesterday afternoon my sister in law was going to take Vincent down to the lake.
Jordan of course said it was fine then asked me and I said he can go but I will come.
Just in case.
I do not care if people think I am anal, I want to be there if my kids are in the water.
Especially if I was just going to be sitting in the cabin.
My kids are my main focus in life. If they are going swimming. SO AM I!:)
Here are a few tips that I have found to be helpful for all types of water.

1. Never leave your child unattended. Not even for a minute. Nothing is that IMPORTANT that you have to leave them in the water. I know I have ran out of the room quick just to grab a towel if it is just Vincent in the tub but I really try NOT to. If something needs you to tend to it, just take your child out of the water. You can resume later.
Check out Jude's little feet kicking away in his float!
2. Teach your child how to swim. Each time we are near water we try to teach them something new. Whether it be blowing bubbles or kicking their legs. Or what to do if they fall in or see someone fall in. Just some basics to help them know that water is not something to be crazy in and it is dangerous. Obviously once they get older they will get the hang of actual swimming but for now just the basics.
3. Be there. Be there every time they are in the water. Be focused on their every move. While the boys are in the lake this week I am a hawk. Sure I would love to just lay on the dock and work on my tan but when they are in the water my focus is fully them. I am in the water and within arms reach of them just in case. Seconds matter when I child goes under the water and I want to eliminate any seconds I can.

4. Life Jackets. A few weeks back there was a wedding at Jordan's dads house. My children wore life jackets the entire reception. It was a little intense but I wanted to be prepared just in case. They even ate dinner and played in those darn jackets. They say life jackets are the safest over water wings and all the other stuff.
5. If you have a pool. Have a fence around all 4 sides. One that children cannot get into. Also install the anti-entrapment drain covers. Have you ever read the horror stories about kids getting stuck in the drains. YA. Install those bad boys. EEEK! 

6. Always try to have a phone within reach. 

7. Learn CPR! I need a refresher course for sure, I learned in high school but I really need to get back into it since the boys are in love with playing in the water this summer. 
Be smart and be safe mommas. I know you are all probably a little insane around water like me and probably already know and do all of these but I just thought I would share since we have been surrounded by water all week and I must say after all the stresses aside I am having a blast! 

Happy swimming! 


  1. Awe how cute are my future sonmn laws!!
    Super cute pictures. Looks like you guys are having a good time and you look great!!

    1. Thanks hun! I cannot wait for our families to combine and get married. Just think we can just do one big ole wedding!:)

  2. All the kids learned how to swim at an early age, they also wore life jackets all the time. Alex and Jordan hated them and screamed everytime they had to wear them. Ask about the time T. J. fell between the boat and dock at Grandma's Darr boat, I was not there, I was home with Alex and Jordan. T. J. was jumping back and forth from the boat to the dock and then he missed and down he went. Ask Joe about it, is he remembers. Safety matters.

  3. Check the local Y or JCC, I bet they have toddler swimming classes. I took the kids to Danbury, they had swimming classes for little ones. T. J. was 3 weeks old when he first went in the water and he loved it. Now his two brothers were a different story and they turned about to swimmers. They hated the water as babies.

  4. It's odd that you posted this - especially considering what happened at a friend's sons birthday party on Saturday!!! A little boy was left unattended on the pool deck and decided that he didn't need his arm wings to jump in. Needless to say he was about a minute away from needing CPR. One of the dad's jumped in and grabbed him up before he swallowed too much water, but he had already started turning blue. Scared all of us to death. The little boy is ok, btw. My girls haven't stopped asking "why did that little boy almost drown" since then.

    1. OMG That is insanely scary! For everyone!!! It's so hard especially in a party setting to keep all eyes on kids. I am so glad that it turned out good though, Thank God!!

  5. Great reminder!

  6. These are great tips Allie, and I am like you I worry so much when we are near water!

  7. Great post. I'm just like you with my kids around the water. My son went onto his Nanna and Papa's boat with them and my husband and a life jacket of course, but I was still sitting at home hyperventilating the whole time (I didn't go because I stayed home with Hannah who I think is too busy/fearless to go on a boat right now).