Where I come from....Amish Fest 2012

In high school all I wanted to do was move far away....
Get out of the country and into a real city...
Near resturaunts and shopping malls...
I couldn't wait to break free from the what I thought then was "boring" lifestyle.
Now, I would give anything to move back there.
Just driving around those country roads puts me at peace.
There is nothing like wonderful fields and rolling hills...
It is just beautiful.
Along with the click clacking from the horse and buggies...
I just eat it ALL up....
We have a tradition that began last year of hitting up a local festival which we now refer to as "Amish Fest"
Hands down...the best time of my life....
I am obviously easy to please. 
Give me my family. A great friends family. Great Food and I am set! 
Here is a peek into what is now known as "Amish Fest!"

Chrissy got that shot....man look at Josh's glare hahaha!:) 
Vincent though he was hilarious rolling out of his chair down the hill! 
That pretty little lady is my friend Chrissy's daughter. CUTEST GIRL EVER....
Vincent is in love with her!:) Chrissy caught these shots of them!:)

The first pic is how Luke "SMILES" for me!! lol
World's BEST ice cream...
I can not even explain it...It is so creamy and tasty!
My brother bailed before the fireworks...LAME!! But we all held strong.
All our kids did amazing.
A shot of us before the big show...
PS try to look at Vincent and NOT laugh...I die over the hand placement!
The aftermath was sleepy little babes....
This is a perfect day in my eyes. I love where I come from! 


  1. You grew up in Amish country? That's so cool! My family is nowhere near Amish country, but I go visit them (a tiny tiny town in Eastern Washington) to get away. It's so peaceful and relaxing compared to Seattle. I've even thought about moving back once or twice.

  2. This looks like so much fun and how lovely that you get to go back and do this every year. Aww the photos of Vincent and your friend's daughter are adorable!!!

  3. Looks like you guys had a great time. I work in a small town and there are a lot of amish people who have moved down this way. They cook some of the best food and don't even get me started on their donuts!!! OMG!!

  4. ooh my gahhh!! the pics of vincent and your friends daughter are so cute!! he's going to be sooo embarassed in ten years!! haha

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  6. I live in a small Eastern KY town and our Walmart is a 1/2 hour away. I complain constantly about "country living" and claim to want to live in the city. I know if I moved off though I'd seriously miss this place. There is something so quaint and peaceful about here. Even though it has lots of disadvantages, it's home! LOVE all your photos. Glad you all had such a perfect time :)

  7. I'd love to know where you grew up. I actually grew up Amish (for real, buggy riding and everything) in NE Ohio. We don't live there now but would LOVE to move back!