Anniversary Date...

Thank you all for so many warm wishes on Wednesday for our anniversary!
We had an amazing day and night....
We shared it with our favorite little boys at a baseball game!
(We had plenty of alone time in England...which I swear I will post about soon!)
Jordan's dad invited us to a local minor league game! We had tons of free food and lots of open space for the kiddos to roam around and have a blast!! Enjoy the pics! 
Who knew baseball could be so fun!? Watching it in person is so much better than watching it on TV....Let's be honest on TV it is like watching paint dry! haha!

Have you taken your kids to a baseball game? Good or bad experience? :)

Making "Mommy" Friends....

I have been at this mommy game for a few years now. Making mommy friends was seriously something that terrified me at first. I was so nervous about being judged and also bringing others I don't know into my family! But after a few years I realized that, if someone judges me or is mean, I do not have to be friends with them. There are so many mommas out there and you will find GOOD friends, there are lots of choices, so do not give up if you are in a friend finding rut! I finally took time to break down my favorite places to find mommas...

Baby Center-
When I got pregnant I had no friends who were pregnant, no one who really got it. It was a tad lonely to be honest. It was literally just me and my What Not to Expect book chilling out at night, alone! When I was pregnant with Vincent I found a site called Baby Center, where I met an amazing mama named Tera. We lived in the same state a few hours away and we bonded quickly. We got eachother, we could talk about anything....pregnancy, husbands, family...pretty much nothing was off limits with us. It was refreshing to have a great friend over the internet. Our husbands both made fun of us when we would refer to eachother as "friends", they would say "oh your internet friend or fake friend" haha. We both welcomed our sweet first children within a month of each other. I felt as if I had known Tera for years. We then experienced our second pregnancies together which was so fun. Before Luke was born we found out that we would actually be relocating to where Tera lived. Seriously, what are the chances of that! We now live about 20 minutes from each other. I love the way we met, and the friendship and understanding we have with eachother from being moms. And I thank Baby Center for Miss Tera, my no BS, straight shooting favorite mama!:)

*We even went on a couple trip with our husbands last year to Vegas! We watched Tera and her husband run the 1/2 marathon at the Hoover Dam! (I of course got pregnant so could not run....DARN!!) haha It was so much fun with them! 
(Yes, that is Bret Micheals!)

Warning: There is a LOT of drama on Baby Center, so have your drama goggles on! You just have to weed through it and find the gems, like Tera!:) Moms will literally fight over what you feed your kid, how you dress them and pretty much anything! It can be like high school all over again if you let it! But I just ignored the crazies! I mean come will get DRAMA with thousands of hormonal pregnant women on one site! But please do not let that scare you! ;)

The internet was also my source for my other momma friends. I joined a site called MeetUp when we moved here. There were 2 groups in the area. I actually drug Tera with me on my first meet up. It was seriously so awkward and did not go well. The other mom was not my cup of tea, which is fine. You will run into that clearly. I was very timid to try the other group but I gave it a whirl. I was so pumped when these mommas were so down to earth and real! It was so nice to meet great ladies, who also had great children. Children with manners and kindness! Great all around families. I have had so many great playdates with these ladies. I am so blessed from MeetUp! Look up groups in your area, and if one doesn't work...try another!!:) 

And wow, once again the internet is my third source and probably BIGGEST (FAVORITE) source of mommy friends, you blogging hotties. I cannot not even explain how many of you I love. I love you ladies like family. I do not care that we have not met in person, you are all like family. I have had the chance to meet a few of you, (Kayla, Lisa, Becky, Amanda and Jayme) and I am blessed to have you all as "real-life" friends. The moments I met each one of these ladies there was ZERO awkwardness. It was just normal. There are many of you who I have not met in real life that have helped me through my life journey, you know who you are! You are all such a blessing and I am so glad that I started this blog, not only for a great keepsake but for all the friendships that have formed. I wish we ALL lived closer so we could have playdates. Seriously I know we all joke 247 about it, but let's all live on the same streets and have block parties. We need to figure this out asap! Can we just have our own BlogHer type conference!? Who cares about all the PR and writing crap, I just want to spend time with all of you lol. I love you no matter what you blog about. 
Plus from blogging you get to meet some amazing women...

School friends...
My last source of mommy friends is the old true one. Friends I have went to highschool with. I love these ones so much. It is so cool to see people you have known your whole life transform into a mother. Motherhood is something you cannot explain, but when your friends become pregnant they get it. When they give birth and begin parenting it all changes. I would say it changes for the better. You can bond over something other than whats hot in entertainment or food?! You bond over the wonders of your own children. The most beautiful thing in the world. I cannot wait for a lot of my other friends to become moms.

So there you have it... when it comes down to it for mommy friends, the internet for the win!
 No matter how far away we are from eachother it connects us! 
Where else have you found mommas!? 

3 Years...

3 years ago we said "I DO!"
We stood in front of all our our loved ones and exchanged our vows.
It is so funny to look back at who we were then and who we are now!
So much has changed, where we live, jobs, number of kids.
But one thing remains...
I am married to my best friend.
I feel like I have known Jordan my entire life. 
He is seriously the most amazing man and father in the world.
I am so lucky to call him MINE!:)
Happy Anniversary my love! Here's to the rest of our lives! 

Interview with Kristin Lancione from Beverly Hills Nannies!

Well, a few of you know that I am obsessed with Beverly Hills Nannies, they totally rank up there with my Real Housewives addiction. That is HUGE, people! Well last week I was tweeting during the episode and Kristin Lancione tweeted me saying she would do an interview! She was so fun to work with! She answered back to all my questions within 24 hours! I just love her even more now! 
Here is the interview! Enjoy!
Kristin Lancione

What is the most random request you have ever gotten from a parent?
I've been so lucky that I've never had anything really random or out of line. All of the families I choose to work for are very normal and know their boundaries. 

I am not going to lie, I cringed a little watching Maggie nanny on last week's episode. I felt bad for her because kids can be overwhelming, especially at that age. How is Maggie doing? Has she found a better fit? Or has she chosen to not take the nanny route?
Maggie is doing great. You'll have to keep watching to see her fate as a nanny :)

I love your brutal honesty. The one week when you were set up with the Fabio wannabe, I laughed so hard! Was that awkward for you?  Also, what was up with him pulling up in a limo, but HE was driving!?!
It was SO awkward. I was laughing at him the whole time and he just kept saying "you're funny". I think he's a nice guy and means well but definitely not a love match for me. And yes he drives his own limo lol. 

Is everyone attracted to Scott? haha I ask because not only is he easy on the eyes, he is an amazing nanny! He works so well with the kids! Does everyone want to hire him?
I think a lot of the girls on our show are attracted to Scott. He's a nice and good looking guy.  I know he has a few jobs as a manny- which is a few more jobs than others can say so yes I'd say he's high in demand. 

How many hours do you work a week? Or have you pulled back since starting your nanny agency?
I've pulled back a lot because of the Agency. Now that Cindy has Scott it made it really easy for me to focus more time on my agency and other projects I have. 

Best perk of being a nanny?
Designer hand me downs

Personally I love you and Cindy's close relationship, as I would want to be close with my nanny! I see comments saying their needs to be a fine line between friendship and work, what do you feel? 
I've always been very close with the mothers of the kids I nanny. I think it's a natural progression. You really become part of the family. But yes there is a fine line and you must always remember you are being paid to be there. 

Are the BH kids spoiled? If so what do you do to "fix" that?
I've never worked for any spoiled kids nor will I. If I had any advice to give a nanny who had to I'd just say treat the kids like you treat any other kids- if their parents want to keep spoiling them that's their prerogative and you must never teach a parent how to parent. 

Do you and Amber talk? Or was that the end of it? 
Team Amber vs. Team Kristin
We don't talk. I feel badly about the way things happened with us but she's not someone I can have around. 

Last but not least, would you please move to Ohio and nanny for me!!?  
Aww. That's sweet- you know Lucy on the show is from Ohio!!

If you do not watch yet, it is on ABC Family on Tuesday nights at 9/8c! I will most likely be tweeting during the episode and I think Kristin most of the time does as well! So make sure you follow her @KristinLancione
I pinky swear you will love the show!
 If you have seen the show, do you love it!?
Would you ever hire a hot nanny like these ladies!? I would!
They are so cute and lovable, my kids would have a blast with all of them!

If you are a nanny and have a nightmare story
share it on Kristin's new blog Nanny Nightmares

Weekly Randoms...

We have had a crazy busy week so I figured doing a randoms post would be the best way to cover it!:)

1. Blog Interview with Kristin....
As you all know I am a sucker for reality TV!
 I got sucked into Beverly Hills Nannies right away because I used to be a nanny and I wanted to see how it was in Beverly Hills. I am now obsessed with the show. I was tweeting the other night and Kristin responded (insert me having a freak out moment) and said she would do a blog interview!
It will be aired Monday! She is the sweetest. She responded in less than 24 hours to all my questions! I love her! If you aren't watching yet, do! It will seriously become your new guilty pleasure! It's on ABC Family on Tuesday nights!

2. Mini Vaca...
We had to go pick up Jordan's new work car which I will talk about next! Anyways we traveled to Dayton and visited the Air Force museum! It was fun! 
There was a mall across from our hotel so I wheeled the boys over for lunch...Chick Fil-A style :)
(their shakes are amaze)

Someone missed us and was almost jumping the fence to see us!!:)

3. Here is Jordan's new work ride. How many husbands would choose a minivan!? :) I just love him! This way I can still rock the cool SUV...But I must admit, this van rocks! It has some sweet features!
We were pumped to find out it has a dvd player for the boys! 

4. Fisher Price House Party...
I got picked to host the Fisher Price House Party next month! I am so excited! I was picked to host one for 3-5 year old boys! I hope we get some sweet swag for our friends! 
5. Chipotle has KIDS MEALS!! I was so pumped when we went for lunch yesterday. The mini bags of chips were so stinking cute! Also I found out if you buy a kids meal in August they will give you a free one in Sept (save your receipt!) 

6. I made baby food this week! Here is a picture of the colorful goodness that Jude will be consuming!

7. Jude is huge! He sits, and almost crawls! He is going from belly to sitting also, he will not slow down! Where did my baby go?

8. PLEASE take a moment to visit this site and donate or offer up your prayers. Read the story also, if you are not familiar with EB. It is heartbreaking! 
"Every man shall give as he is able, according to the blessing of the LORD your God which He has given you"

9. Luke's birthday was last weekend! We had such a blast! 
We of course took some awkward family photos:) 
"the PROM pose!!"
The shoulder sit and pick up our sister pose 
And a nice one of the siblings:) 

10. I am now offering monthly ads through passionfruit!! I am not really sure what size most people have but if I do not offer your size just message me! Check out my advertising page for more info and to get your button on my sidebar!!:) 

That was our week! Hope you guys had a great one! Check back Monday for my interview with Kristin!!! xoxo