5 Great Tips for Making a Home for Learning for little ones!

As you all know I am going to home school the boys! I have a huge post coming about the curriculum we are going with! But, whether your kids are in school or home schooled or not yet ready for school you can start the learning with fun things at home! Get ahead of the game with these fun activities!

I found a lot of fun things on pinterest for you to also try with your kids!

1.Glitter gel pack for tracing letters, shapes and numbers!
You will need: Ziploc baggie, Large container of hair gel, food coloring & glitter. Add all to the baggie and you are good to go! You can use flash cards and show your kids the letters and have them write them with 
their finger! 

2. Helping in the kitchen.
I always have Vincent help in the kitchen! There are so many learning activities that come along with cooking. Instead of me adding ingredients, I let him do it! So for instance, if there is a cup of flour I have him add 4 scoops with the 1/4 a cup. When things are in the mixer we will count to 10 or 20. This flag fruit pizza was so fun because we talked about the different fruit, the colors and names. We formed lines, and squares and rectangles. We counted how many strawberries were in each line and had FUN while doing it! Plus it was great to have a helper and a double bonus is I will have boys that like cooking (future  wives can thank me!)

3. Color sorting activity
What better way to put those toilet paper rolls to use! You can purchase the colored sticks from the dollar tree or make them yourself by coloring them with markers. You can also work on spelling the words and talk about other things that are colored the same. You can also pick a roll and walk around the house or outside and find other objects that are a certain color. Green; grass, celery, certain toys. The kids love finding the right things! You can also do the same thing with m&ms. You could even make cookies after!:)

4. Memory & Matching. 
Print off different shapes and objects. Have your kids match them! They have so much fun doing this! When they get older you can flip them over and play the real memory style game but I just like to mix them up and spread them out face up!

5.Magnet Board
I love everything about this! You can grab flash cards and magnets from the dollar store. Let your kids go wild however they choose with this! You can switch up numbers, shapes and letters. The possibilities are endless! 

What are your favorite activities for little ones!? 

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  1. This is such a great post! Love your ideas... especially the matching and colors. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. DId you change blog a bit? Or haven I just not noticed it yet? I love the tp activity! I always hoard (I mean save) them for this very reason. You never know what clever ideas people will ahve! Thanks Momma!

  3. My mom used to homeschool me and my five siblings and she did a great job, I know your kids will love it!
    I think my favorite kid activity...well I don't know!! actually, I have done childcare and I find that kids love to take pictures on my phone or camera, but just being active and playing with them I know they love too! oh my goodness I cannot wait to get married and have some kids of my own!
    I saw your blog for the first time today and I really like it!
    I will definitely be back to see some more posts from you!
    I hope you have a great night!
    ps feel free to continue my beauty series with me on my blog, a post everyday until the 24th and a giveaway at the end =)

  4. Such good ideas! Hi! I'm Crystal! I'm your newest follower and I just love your boys! They are adorable!!! Come check me out www.crystalann86.com