Date Nights.. The "rule" I refuse to follow....

I always hear and read a rule that if you are ever on a date night with your husband that you should not talk about your kids? 

I have to whole heartedly disagree with that. There is not one moment that I do not think about my children, as I am sure all of us feel that way. I am not me without them. Just like I am not me with my husband. We all go hand in hand. That is why I get so annoyed when people say "never talk about kids on date nights!". I just do not get it. You can still have a perfect evening with your husband and talk about your kids. Hello, you and your husband CREATED them, they are your masterpieces. They are your entire beings. They are on this earth because of you. Because of your love. Therefore trying to focus on something else just seems foriegn to me.

Jordan and I just got back from our trip to England. week for us haha!
We never do date nights during the year, we just save them up and do a vacation, just the two of us. It is refreshing and wonderful to get away and spend time alone. But, there is always a piece of us missing, our kids. We talk about them 247. I do not feel that it takes away from the two of us, because they are US! We can still focus on us at the same time even with talk about the kids. I guess, I just do not get it. 

So therefore when people say to not talk about your kids, I refuse to follow that "rule" of marriage. We are happily married and I would say have an amazing marriage, and we talk about our kids during dinners or outings. Seeing Jordan's love for our kids only makes me love him more. Sure I love hearing him talk about politics (I find this shockingly sexy!) but come on at the end of the day it is Jordan and I and our family. 
The rest is just details....

What are your thoughts of the rule of "Do not discuss kids on date night!?" 

Thomas even comes on date weeks with us!:) (I will do a post on his adventures!)


  1. I agree 100%! We actually find out more about our kids this way. Sometimes one of us notices something the other one may not have. So it's nice to talk about them on dates.

  2. I do try to talk about other things on date night beside our kid since we focus so much on him when we're at home, it's nice to touch base on other topics. However, it would be impossible to not talk about him at all. He's the biggest thing in our life, it's hard to ignore that topic.

  3. We also talk about our kids during "dates". That's not ALL we talk about, but it certainly is one of the largest part of our lives, so NOT talking about it is like not talking about the elephant in the room. We do some of our best parenting planning and strategizing when we're on a "date". We consider hypotheticals and talk about how we'll handle this or that for when it comes up in the future. We come to agreements and talk about concerns. It's really healthy and beneficial for us to have this time where we can uninterruptedly plan for our family... in all things.
    So, like you, I disagree with the rule. We're rebels... a bunch of rule breakers!

  4. My husband and I can't help but talk about the you said they are a part of us!

  5. Woot Woot for your trip to England! I'm sure it was a complete blast:) You go rebel-girl! We all just do what works for us, right?

  6. I always talk about my kids, I can't help it. I even do it on ladies night. I'm surprised I still get invited. When your kids are your life how do you not talk about them?

    By the way did your milk supply come back?

  7. totally agree with you on this one! but I know people who would fight us tooth and nail!

  8. Its only when I catch myself ONLY talking about the kids that I have to try to find something else to talk about, like politics. Ha ha. :) Its so funny I just blogged about taking our baby on dates (our last date we spent much of our time taking video of him on our phones!): You are an adorable mom. Keep up the good work.

  9. We talk about our kids on date night. I think that trying not to talk about something makes you want to talk about it and then things get awkward. Plus, it's something that we have in common. We do try not to talk about work though since we also work together.