Weekly Randoms...

We have had a crazy busy week so I figured doing a randoms post would be the best way to cover it!:)

1. Blog Interview with Kristin....
As you all know I am a sucker for reality TV!
 I got sucked into Beverly Hills Nannies right away because I used to be a nanny and I wanted to see how it was in Beverly Hills. I am now obsessed with the show. I was tweeting the other night and Kristin responded (insert me having a freak out moment) and said she would do a blog interview!
It will be aired Monday! She is the sweetest. She responded in less than 24 hours to all my questions! I love her! If you aren't watching yet, do! It will seriously become your new guilty pleasure! It's on ABC Family on Tuesday nights!

2. Mini Vaca...
We had to go pick up Jordan's new work car which I will talk about next! Anyways we traveled to Dayton and visited the Air Force museum! It was fun! 
There was a mall across from our hotel so I wheeled the boys over for lunch...Chick Fil-A style :)
(their shakes are amaze)

Someone missed us and was almost jumping the fence to see us!!:)

3. Here is Jordan's new work ride. How many husbands would choose a minivan!? :) I just love him! This way I can still rock the cool SUV...But I must admit, this van rocks! It has some sweet features!
We were pumped to find out it has a dvd player for the boys! 

4. Fisher Price House Party...
I got picked to host the Fisher Price House Party next month! I am so excited! I was picked to host one for 3-5 year old boys! I hope we get some sweet swag for our friends! 
5. Chipotle has KIDS MEALS!! I was so pumped when we went for lunch yesterday. The mini bags of chips were so stinking cute! Also I found out if you buy a kids meal in August they will give you a free one in Sept (save your receipt!) 

6. I made baby food this week! Here is a picture of the colorful goodness that Jude will be consuming!

7. Jude is huge! He sits, and almost crawls! He is going from belly to sitting also, he will not slow down! Where did my baby go?

8. PLEASE take a moment to visit this site and donate or offer up your prayers. Read the story also, if you are not familiar with EB. It is heartbreaking! 
"Every man shall give as he is able, according to the blessing of the LORD your God which He has given you"

9. Luke's birthday was last weekend! We had such a blast! 
We of course took some awkward family photos:) 
"the PROM pose!!"
The shoulder sit and pick up our sister pose 
And a nice one of the siblings:) 

10. I am now offering monthly ads through passionfruit!! I am not really sure what size most people have but if I do not offer your size just message me! Check out my advertising page for more info and to get your button on my sidebar!!:) 

That was our week! Hope you guys had a great one! Check back Monday for my interview with Kristin!!! xoxo


  1. Those sibling photos are not awkward. I love them and plan on printing them out and putting them at work.

  2. Seriously---you and me have the same brains. Beverly Hill Nannies, Chipotle love, and picked for Fisher Price boy house party!!! Woo woo:) And I love ALL the pictures---especially that sweet baby boy! Hope you are having a great weekend!


  3. Alright, so... Beverly Hill Nannies. Why? Why did you have to tell me about that show!? Now I'm totally (and guiltily) addicted to the superficial drama. Do you notice that the people in the show wear shoes in the house all the time... even when they are sitting on a bed! I can't get over it. I just can't.

    Really cute pictures, by the way!

  4. Looking forward to the interview! Are nanny's usually this attractive LOL. My sister lives in BH and people call the bus's the "nanny or maid express" Sad, but true. I will have to watch this!

  5. You're so lucky your husband chose the minivan! Iggy drives a ...mustang. And he's looking into getting a chopper this week -_- lol

  6. Hold the phone on Chipotle kids meals. I'm loving that! But we usually get W a bowl and he eats on it for a couple of meals for sure.

  7. Ok- here is the deal- should I become pregnant within the next few years with yet another girl- they will all become your daughters-in-law!! The boys seriously melt my heart!!Love ya!!

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