46 hour trip for 46 in NYC!!

Wow, last week was nuts! Lisa, myself (Jude included) and our friend Tera decided Tuesday to hit NYC for the weekend to attend 46's event in Central Park! (Mind you that is a 20 hour drive roundtrip) They were teamed up with Alex's Lemonade Stand!  My friend Lisa, who I do Moms On The Go with and I blog with for Moms In Heels got her hands on Graham Bunn through twitter! She interviewed him on the radio and told him we were coming! It was hands down one of the funnest events ever, and for a great cause! We got to interview ALL of the Bachelor Nation faves! I must say that Bob Guiney is my new favorite, he is the heart and soul of The Bachelor franchise in my eyes! He also loved on Jude, so that got him extra points! We are hoping to team up with 46 for one of our charities of the month and bring even more awareness to Graham's amazing charity. I am hoping we can post the interviews for you to listen to but my favorite question was the one I asked Graham. I asked why he chose to help children, because usually parents are the ones who start charities for kids. His answer was so sweet, he said children cannot help themselves, they are given these horrible battles and have sometimes no understanding of what is happening and that is why he loves to help kids! Ummm, can we say amazing! You can see it in his eyes that this charity has his entire heart involved! Check out 46 for more details on the charity! Here are pictures from the event, I will post the rest of our trip in another post!
The man with the plan, Graham Bunn
William, he was so sweet! He is from my old stomping grounds! I would love to hook my best friend up with him!:):) He was so nice and real! 
Ashley was so excited to hold Jude!:) He loved her! 
 He just chilled with her while she chatted, it was hilarious! 
 Then she told JP she wanted one ASAP!
PS they were ADORABLE and you could tell they love each other so much! 
Lisa interviewing Bob Guiney, he asked to hold Jude right away! It was so sweet!
 Side note, did you guys know Bob Guiney sings....he is REALLY good! 
We are hoping to have Bob also team up with us in the future! He is from Detroit!! 
Next up was Chris! 
He was exactly as he was on the show! Homeboy has probably the best teeth I have ever seen...
We also got to chat with Rachel! She was so candid about Micheal and Nick screwing her over!
The PR girls, loved meeting you ladies! 
Last but not least we got to chat with Michelle Money, she was so sweet! 
We are hoping to attend again next year!

The rest of our NYC adventures to come...
PS I took Jude on the subway....eeeeeeek!! 

Buffalo Chicken Pizza

Okay it's football season and that means one thing to me Buffalo Chicken Dip....
Which I am obsessed with, if you have not tried it....do it...NOW!!
I was trying to find another way to fulfill my buffalo craving without making the dip.
I thought why not try it on flatbread! Holy heavens...my best thought ever!
I introduce to you my new favorite, Buffalo Chicken Pizza
You will need:
Flatbreads- I love Stonefire Naan ones, they come in a 2 pack
Ranch Dressing
Hot Sauce
Chicken (maybe 1/2 cup)
Red Pepper (1/2)
Provolone Cheese 3 slices per pizza

Using these flatbreads for pizza is my go-to NON paleo treat! The boys love them also!
Put your flat bread on your baking pan...
 Stir the chicken in hot sauce, the first time I did not put enough, so soak it good! 
 Spread Ranch dressing on the crust, don't use too much! Maybe 1/4 cup...if that.
Top with chicken and red pepper( red pepper is the bomb on this and also with the dip)
 Pop it in the oven...I am OBSESSED with this toaster oveN we got...it is amazing for these quick treats and also for the boys lunch things, no need to heat up the big oven!
 I bake at 425 for 10-15 mins, until it starts to brown!
 Pop it out of the oven! I drizzled with more hot sauce:)
 Cut and serve! The boys loved it! 

Like I said about the red pepper. I use it now instead of chips for my buffalo dip! It mixes the flavors so amazingly! It is funny because Luke is the one who tried it first last year! He shoved his red pepper in the dip and so I tried it and it was HEAVEN!! 
If you have not tried the dip, it is a must!
If you have tried the dip then try the pizza! I swear you will not be upset!:) 

Fair Time....

It's honestly the most wonderful time of the year! I love the fair! The greasy food, the smelly animals, the rides and all the excitement! I eat it all up (literally) We are making it hopefully a yearly thing with my friend Chrissy and her daughter (Josh does not do the fair haha, I know once Claira can talk she will sucker him into it! I am guessing next year bahaha) and my dad also comes! But anyways we had so much fun this year! 
(Luke did NOT appreciate the carny picking him up!!!)
Their first time on the fun house...
I love this first picture because Luke is falling on the walkway that rolls! 
We did the large slide...a lot!
Then onto the animals...aka keep your hands in the wagon kids! Mama doesn't want swine flu!:)
Cutest darn bunny face I have ever seen....
Jude chewed on the wagon the entire time...haha everyone we passed was laughing! 
I love these 2....
Claira is almost walking....I die....she was a baby this time last year!!!
Jude zonked out half way through....in this position! 
He kinda reminds me of these guys....
Speaking of those guys... we ironically walked out of the pig barns straight out to eat....
Baked potato with pulled pork...hello YUM!! 
Food Time...
The best part of the fair....DONUTS!!
Jude cracks me up...he is like "HELLO!?!? WHERE IS MINE!?!?
We gave him one...he freaked and tried to eat it all in 5 seconds!! 
Jude loved Chrissy's dad! 
Chrissy and I and the kiddos!!
We had a blast with you Chrissy and Claira...Josh, we will suck you in soon enough!:):)
Thanks for talking a lot of these pictures!!!
Until next year....
(Chrissy titled this picture. Jude standing like a boss!! bahahahaha)
Until next year!