Bullying...& The Movie: Bully.

              Sadly our first instance of bullying came for Vincent at age 2 (YES, 2!!)
He was bullied by two older boys. It was on our own home turf in our back yard. The older boys were up in our playhouse and Vincent was standing in the yard. They were spraying him with a hose and laughing at him. I ran outside to witness this. It literally brings tears to my eyes to reenact the look on my son's sweet little face. He was so SAD, he did not deserve to be picked on. He was doing nothing wrong, yet these older boys were picking on him. He was an easy target. It was the most heartbreaking thing I have witnessed. 

I was OUTRAGED and I still am when I look back on the account. "Boys will be boys", is what everyone says. I CALL COMPLETE HORSE CRAP ON THAT....Your kids will be how you teach them to be. They will treat others the way you teach them to treat others. I never thought we would see bullying at this age but it was just the start....

I had heard about this movie but never stopped to rent it. While on our way to London it was on the in flight demand screens. I decided to check it out. Here is the trailer.
All I can say is WOW! The movie was extremely moving. Bullying is such a problem today, I know it always has been a problem and they always blame it on the age old saying that "kids will be kids", but bullying is NOT OKAY. 

Parents these days are not doing near enough, some are not doing anything. It is sick. SICK. SICK.I do not want to say bullying is the main reason we are homeschooling, but it is one of them. Kids are nasty and heartless these days. Parents are not doing their roles at home. Sadly I think once kids go to school that parents, stop parenting. It just makes me sick to my stomach. 

We are their role models. We teach them right from wrong. We are the ones they mimmick, it is our job to make them into responsible human beings. But sadly, some parents do not care. I often wonder why these people even have children in the first place? If you are not willing to step up and be an actual parent...here is an idea... DON'T HAVE SEX. Okay, I am getting off topic. The topic here is bullying and the movie, Bully.

The movie starts off with a father, a father who lost his son to suicide. A suicide over him being bullied. They show home movies from when his son was a child. I instantly see my boys in him. The normal running around, laughing adorable child. So innocent and full of life. And this life was taken. Bullies pushed this poor soul to his breaking, taking his life. 

Bullies are ruthless. They stop at nothing. They showed stories of other kids that had lost their battle with bullying. They also followed children who are bullied. One boy in paticular, Alex.
Oh Alex, he is a sweet soul. He was born premature, just like so many babies I know now that I am a mother. He is so funny and loveable, but kids today do not take the chance to get to know him. Just because he does not look or dress the way kids think he should they bully him. They taunt him and make fun of him. The language that was used towards him made me irate. The way these boys belittled this sweet boy and hurt him was so hard to watch. The movie makers had to turn the footage over to school officials and his parents because it was so INTENSE. Alex said he just figured that is how life was, he just got used to it.

There is a girl named Kelby in the movie who came out to say she was a lesbian in high school. 
She said one morning in school the teacher was seperating the class and said "Boys....Girls.....Kelby" As if she were not a normal person!? A teacher?!?! Is this crap for real. I do not care what your religious beliefs are...YOU DO NOT TREAT SOMEONE THAT WAY.

I can not imagine anyone treating my children or your children that way. It is disgusting. And people TURN THEIR HEADS. The teachers and principals in this movie were a disgrace! The principal told Alex's parents these kids were "as good as gold" and would never act that way. They kept saying "Boys will be boys". 

This has to stop. Each one of our children are precious. NO ONE deserves to lose their child because they are bullied. We have to step up as mothers to teach our children it is not okay. We need to teach them to stand up for themselves and for others. We need to talk to them and figure out what they are feeling. We need to be PARENTS. 

Here's to stepping up and teaching our kids right from wrong as best we can. Here is to punishing our children if they are mean to others. Here is to doing our best to stop bullying as best we can. I know we can make a difference in this world. 

Check out the movie if you can. 
I know it will be one I show my kids when they are old enough to understand. 
What are your thoughts on bullying? What will you do to protect your kids? 


  1. Totally agree! We haven't had it happen to us yet but I can only imagine how upset and sad I'll be. Not looking forward to the boys getting big, can't they stay little forever! :)

  2. I wrote my own post about this because I was bullied for just one school year and it pretty much changed who I am as a person. Landon was bullied at the age of 2 as well. By an older boy I was babysitting. He was punching him whenever I had my back turned. I discovered it quickly (within the first three days of babysitting him). I stopped babysitting the boy immediately. I hate reliving this memory in my head. It actually makes me cry to think that it's already begun, at just 2 years of age. Actually, when I do think about it, I wish I was brave enough as you to homeschool my kids because that's pretty much the main reason I'm terrified of putting my children in school. I don't know what to say other than this topic makes me very emotional.

  3. One of the main reasons I go back and forth whether I want to homeschool or send my kids to private school. There is a school that is very close to where we live that I went to when I was in middle school (a private Catholic school) and it is the ONLY one I will send my kids to if we do choose to send them to school. The thought of someone bullying my children literally makes my eyes well up with tears. It's disgusting. I remember being bullied in 4th and 5th grade. It was TERRIBLE and so many mean things were said to me. I will never forget how awful that made me feel. I wish we could protect our children all the time from bad things.

  4. Allie, I am so glad you wrote a post on this topic! Bullying is being tolerated no longer and more people are standing up and doing something about it. One comment made by parents that makes me the angriest is "Kids aren't taught to deal with anything anymore. Their lives are too easy". What a load of BS!


  5. My son was bullied this summer as well. He was 2 when ti happen at a local park. Twin boys, who were younger, kept cornering him and throwing sand at him. Their mother did nothing but casually say "dont throw sand" while she sat on her bench and watched. I had to go and remove my child from the play structure as they threw sand at him. I had my daughter, who was only about 6mo at the time, strapped to me in a carrier, and the boy went to throw sand at me. I had to hold his hand to stop him from hitting me and my baby with sand. She still did nothing. It angered me, and it broke my heart all at the same time. I gave her the benefit of the doubt, thinking maybe she has had a hard day, and is tired, and couldn't bring herself to get up and stop those boys from being naughty. But to not to anything when they approach a baby? NOT OK!
    We have been thinking about homeschooling a lot. We have to make up our mind by this winter, which is when we have to register our son for school next fall. There was a notice in our Parish bulletin this week about a Catholic homeschooling group in our area....it was like a message from God just for me.
    Bullying has always been an issue; I was bullied all my life (elementary, high school, even in University!) and I cannot imagine my kids having to deal with it.
    Great post! You are such a great Mom, one that I feel I can really learn from!

  6. My son was bullied by my sister, He was 3 and she was 5, last year. My husband, stepmom, and i were right there. My stepmom did nothing when her child was sitting on top of my son holding his face in the ground. My husband and i ran over to him when we heard him yell. Long story short, i have an awful relationship with my father and stepmother now because she said we over reacted and her child was doing nothing wrong. My children are not aloud to leave are side at family get togethers. They think we are going over board. I think they are even lucky we show up at family get togethers. My husband wants to teach our kids to fight back and stand up for themselves when they are being bullied. i don't agree with fighting but kids are so mean and i don't want my child to get bullied. Parenting is HARD!! Great post!!

  7. I agree that it is one of the WORST things that we have in our society now. In addition, there are SO many OUTLETS now to bully others and that is even more disgusting. I also think that MANY adults continue to be bully well beyond their childhood. We all deal with bullies every single day. It makes me sick. It makes me worry about my sweet gorgeous girl. It is a cruel world.

  8. I'm so glad you wrote this post! I should watch the movie. I've been bullied, I've been a bully. As a teacher I try to do what I can to stop bullying. I'm a substitute so I'm usually only there for a few hours but obviously have no tolerance for it to occur in front of me. Since my child is a giant I think I might need to focus on making sure he isn't a bully. Right now he has such a sweet soul and heart and I pray that it will continue to be that way!

  9. This is so sad! Kids can be so mean (I taught fifth grade and I saw some MEAN girls). If only we could all abide by the golden rule! :(

  10. bullying makes me so sad!! I've worried about Anna being a bully AND being bullied with different kids so I stay with her to tell her no when she pushes other kids and apologize to the other kids and I play with her when other kids are being mean to her. We went to a play center on the weekend and a boy was playing with Anna and suddenly he started taking her toys and blocking her from where she wanted to go....so she pinned him down and kept playing and he cried and ran off lol.

  11. Ugh...makes me sick to my stomach to think of the various degrees of bullying & how it can differ among the sexes. It really does start in the home & sadly sometimes learned there too.

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