Thursday, September 6, 2012

Got 5 Minutes? Watch my Vlog....

I did not feel like typing today....hence the vloggity vlog!!
(I swear I can NEVER stick to under 5 minutes....gahhhhh!!!)
PS I have no idea why half way through my mouth does not match my words....grrrrrrrrrrrr
It might be best to just open another browser and listen to me ramble in the background....
NOT KIDDING....:):) The words not matching is killing me...
But not enough to rerecord lol
Baby Easton is the charity of this month!
If you have not helped PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO!!!
Any amount helps, his insurance does NOT cover his hospital stay!!

Here is a graphic but real look at Baby Easton...

My heart is literally torn in pieces at this photo!!! I just love this little babe...
Also make sure you guys are following Moms In Heels....
That is who I am doing Moms on The Go with!!!
Lisa, Molly and I will be LIVE on WNWO Moms on the Go every Weds AM! 

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