Let's talk....Politics! I vote for hotness!:)

Alright guys, I know your most favorite topic this time of year is politics....right?
You love to hear what other people have to say. I mean I know how much I love my facebook feed being blown up by people who have NO IDEA what they are talking about. It drives me a tad nutzo and makes me want to delete every single person. So that is why I am going to show you how I vote!:) 
 It just so happens this year the team I am rooting for is HOT!
 4 years ago, I would not have been able to make this case but now I can....
I am voting for Team Dreamboats
( that is what my husband refers to attractive men as!) 

If my tv shows are going to be interrupted during the year, I at least want to enjoy watching who is talking, which means if they are good looking I am way more likely to watch!:)
I mean dang, they are one good looking team! 
I know Ryan may not have the type of abdominals I am used to looking at daily....
But hey at least he is giving it a shot....
(If only the candidates could be as sexy as my husband)
Sorry to the other team...you guys are not a perfect 10...
(I won't lie, it was hard to find an ugly picture of Obama as far as looks go, he is a pretty attractive man from the outside. I promised I would keep this light hearted so I will stop at that)

But that is how this mama is voting, easy as pie!
Plus look how cute baby Vincent was rocking a Republican tee a few years ago! :)
My case is made. Hot candidates win my vote ;) 
.Done & Done.
Anyone else like my way of voting?
..On a serious real note besides hotness factor. I am Catholic. That is where my vote lies..Always..


  1. I'm with you 100%

  2. LMAO - I am totally going to use this as my "excuse" to vote for them. (*wink*wink* not that I need an excuse)

    the sweet life of a southern wife

  3. They are a good looking pair! People vote based on looks for just about everything else, so why not in politics too?! LOL!

  4. Since I like my men of the 'darker variety' I will be voting on the other side of the board. :)
    That among other issues, gives O my vote!

    *bee tee dubs, I don't base my vote on race, which some people ridiculously assume. And good luck to your hot men, O was pretty cute too till you got the weight of the country on your shoulders. I'm a newer follower and I'm loving your blog despite our political differences. :)

  5. Love this! After the past 4 years I am sooo ready for some R & R!!

  6. haha! I agree about Ryan being hot!

  7. yes! Neely from a complete waste of makeup and I were totally talking about that, and shes totally a liberal democrat. We have the hotness on OUR SIDE! Please God, pleeeeeeeeease!!!

    btw how were you not on my blogroll???? ARGH! Changing that right now.

  8. HA!! I love it! I'm with you!!
    And, where do I find that shirt for Pierce?

  9. Just another reason why I LOVE your blog. Yay!!!!!!!!!

  10. Well I would have to agree with the hotness matter but I honestly do not vote and I am registered too I have been since I was 18 but I get so frustrated before November gets here that I can't even think about who to vote for. I am not a Republican or a Democrat I agree and disagree with things on both sides. So I think that is what makes my head hurt when I go to vote. All that aside, Hello from The TT Diaries I am your newest follower from Bloggy Moms. I truly do like your blog it is nice.

  11. Love this! They have my vote but since I live in Illinois it won't matter. :(
    My brother in law is running for Congress this year. If you have any eastern Iowa followers, vote for Ben Lange! :)

  12. Awesome way to post your vote. I am voting for hotness too...and for a REAL change :)

  13. Love this, Allie! You crack me up. But you are so right - those are some good looking men! They have my vote too this year for lots of other reasons besides their hotness lol!