My heart hurts...SO GOOD....

Jordan and I were laying in our hotel in the country side of London one night watching a comedy show that was their version of a Tosh.0 (without all the cussing). He started to tell the story about two young brothers. He started out by saying the younger brother had Cerebral Palsy....I thought if he makes fun of this kid I am going to flip a lid. I was pleasantly surprised that a comedian shared this amazing story of two brothers and their love....

I will not give the story, I will let the video do that. Grab a tissue and ENJOY.

This one goes a little more in depth....
Kudos to the parents of Conner and Cayden Long. What amazing values you have taught your little men!! God Bless! xoxo

PS that jogger he uses is the It's by Chariot Carriers, we have the double and are OBSESSED, looking to probably get another double to fit our growing needs ;) It does EVERYTHING, its a bike carrier, stroller, jogger and you can even attach it to hike and ski! 


  1. Hi! I have been following your blog for a long time now and have finally decided to make a Google Account so I could comment :)

    Does that mean that you're pregnant again when you say "your growing needs?!" Do share ;)

  2. What an amazing story!! That little (big) brother will be rewarded tremendously one day! Thank you for sharing!

  3. "growing needs"???? hmmmm???? :)

  4. Amazing!! I love to read/hear stories like these:) Makes my heart happy.