One Thing....

It was months back but I had read an article on great tips for great relationships. 
I feel like we have a great relationship but I always love to read tips. Some of them are in my eyes useless and then some of them make some sense. I decided to try one of the out.

It was to ask your spouse one thing they would change about you in daily life. I had no idea what Jordan's response would be when I asked. I was shocked when he responded with this, "You always leave the sweeper out and the cord undone, that annoys me". I am HORRIBLE AT THIS offense.

He was mainly referring to the fact that I always start something and walk away. Which is insanely true. I will sweep the floor then leave the sweeper in the open. I like to say I leave it plugged in because I seriously sweep Verner's dog hair 2 times a day. (Disclaimer: If you want a German Shepherd be prepared for a sheet of hair covering your floors daily, sticking to every inch of your kids bodies, which is so fun when they have sticky hands...ya, sticky handed kids with dog hair) Anyways, I always leave that bad boy out in the open. I didn't think it bothered anyone. I mean it didn't bother me so what was the big deal.

The deal is that just because something doesn't bother me, doesn't mean my husband isn't annoyed. Sure, he married me with all my faults but that doesn't mean that it is okay to just be the messy me 247. I am seriously one messy unorganized person. (I have 3 junk drawers in the kitchen....I am not proud by any means, but that is me. When I clean them, they just form get the point)

But, the point is that I would have never known it annoyed him if I hadn't asked. I thought it was really cool, we had a easy going conversation, no being mean just honest talk about it. I think sitting down every once and awhile and asking "What one thing that I do annoys you" is good.

Hopefully you get a mild answer that is easy to fix like I did but I am sure I do more than that that annoys him. Now when I sweep I seriously try to put the sweeper away and wrap the cord, not for me, but for him. Because marriage is 2 people, and what matters to him matters to me. You have to keep the lines of communication open.

I challenge you to ask your hubs for "one thing". Cheers to happy and fun marriages!


  1. German shepherd dog hair is the worst! We have one, and all the hair makes me crazy sometimes lol

  2. Sweeper= Vacuum? I always have mine out. ALWAYS! I do wrap the cord up because I think stepping on the end of it is worse than stepping on a lego. But I have two labs, it's gets used at least once a day if not more. You guys are so cute!!! I'm going to ask Mike this afternoon!

  3. hey allie
    thanks so much for stopping by. you have a beautiful family and a great blog. thanks for the advise... gonna try it as soon as the babe gets back

  4. We also have a German Sheherd and the hair drives me nuts. It has always bothered me but now that we have kids it really bothers me. I'm trying to transition the dog to be an outdoor dog for this vey reason, but it's not working out so well.

  5. Good idea! Never too late to make changes for the better:)