Show & Tell; BABY TALK!

If you are new here from the link up, nice to meet ya!:) If not, hello friends!! Good to see you! Now on with the Baby ultimate favorite subject! Enjoy!

Tell us your favorite baby names? 
Well the coolest boy names are definitely Vincent, Luke and Jude hands down. :)
If we are to have another boy I really have NO IDEA what his name would be. 
We love saints names, but we are running out of cool ones. I love Peter, but then I always think "Peter, Peter Pumpkin Eater...." So, I am at a loss for boys.
IF I ever have a girl, her name is Giuliana Anastasia. It is a mouth full, but Jordan LOVES Anastasia! I always think of the Disney Princess which makes me gag a tad but it is actually a Saint name.
I love the name Giuliana, so we can make it work!:) 

Show me your "dream" nursery...
I love everything about this nursery. I need it STAT! I have not updated our nursery since Vincent was a baby. Depending on where we move next I may start a new room, have not decided yet! But I think this room works well for a boy or a girl, which is awesome! 

How many children would you like to have? How far apart?
I would love to have 3 under 3....check! HAHA!
I never in a million years envisioned we would have 3 already this soon in our journey! But, I would not change a thing! The closeness of these 3 little men melts my heart every single day! I love they love they have for each other, it shows me that everything is right in our lives. I used to think I would have 2....a boy, and a girl. The way that I grew up so I am thrown for a whirl with 3 boys all at once! I do know that it is not up to me, how many we have. Right now I am blessed as can be with my three boys. If we are lucky enough to have more children you better believe we are all for it! I would love a little girl at some point but man I am already blessed beyond years with these 3! Thank you God for these sweet souls that I call mine! 

Tell us what you think the importance of parenting is?
Oh man, seriously Becky? haha I think parenting is the most serious job in the entire world. There is not one aspect that is not important. We form these little people into adults and every aspect of it important! My main goal as a mom is to raise respectable, good morals and manners, stand up gentlemen! I want my boys to be the type who open doors, treat women like queens, and respect all people they encounter. So I guess at the end of this journey when my boys leave my house (OMG that makes me cry) I just want them to be gentlemen. The old fashioned gems that are hard to find, like my husband. We are their role models and whatever they become is a direct reflection on us, so please boys, do us proud! haha! 

Show us your favorite newborn photo....
This is one I snapped of Jude...I love everything about it....his newborn details and him grasping my wedding rings. It shows not only the love for mother and son, but mama and papa!:) Love it! 

Tell us some things you promise to never do as a parent {and if you are a parent, did you stick to it}

*I swore I would never sleep with the kids in bed. Well I co-sleep for sure! Jude is still in our room, he is hitting the high road once the iBaby monitor arrives! (I promise to do a post on it!)

*I did not think I would ever be as anal as I am with Organics and eating healthy. I remember my brother in law giving my crap for Vincent having a Capri Sun when he was like 1! I could not believe him and his crazy organic ways, well 2 years later here I am, the crazy Organics mama! But I am not OVER THE TOP! My kids can have a capri sun, a snickers bar, a cupcake or what have you. I just feed them at home the way I want. Grassfed beef, organic produce, and try to fill them with things that I feel are good. It's not for everyone, but it works for us! 

*I would say after 3 I have fully loosened up though. With Vincent we never traveled, I was terrified of everything! But now, nothing fazes me. We go everywhere now! I would much rather see things then sit around the house all day like I used to with Vincent. I want these boys to see EVERYTHING they can in this world. I do not want them to be sheltered at all, yes I am homeschooling but we will be anywhere but home! 

If you have not linked up, do so! It was fun and I love Becky so it is a double win!!!

PS....I was home this past weekend (TONS of pics to come) but here is one my friend Chrissy got of us....I love it! I DIE.....AHHHHH


  1. Anastasia may become more popular due to the main character in 50 shades of grey!

  2. Bahahaha that will totally make Jordan hate the name! :) we may have to find another middle name now....shucks ;)

  3. It's funny that the middle name for your little girl and the middle name for my future little girl (Grey) have both been a bit ruined by that stupid 50 Shades of Grey book. haha.

    1. We can bring class back to the name Anastasia ;)

  4. I love your girl name! And you are such a great role model for those cute boys! Oh and Anastasia is the name I picked for my Catholic name :)

  5. You are so stylish... I could never pull that outfit off.

  6. Awe I love your girl name, so pretty. Loving that nursery and that picture of Jude is super precious. Also LOVING that family picture of you guys!!

  7. I love absolutely everything about this post.
    1) You have the most adorable boys, and their names are awesome.
    2) Your name for a possibly future little girl is STUNNING.
    3) That last picture of all five of you is THE BEST. What a wonderful photo.

  8. that is the most precious newborn photo ever!! Such tiny little feet. And love the nursery...we did a chevron wall in our dining room and I love it!

  9. Oh so sweet!! I love this nursery!! Great taste!!

  10. Love that family pic, Allie! So super sweet! :)

  11. Stopping by from the link up!

    Your family is so beautiful. What a great picture!

  12. I love "I will be homeschooling but we will be anywhere but home!" I also love that you don't want to sit at home like you did. I'm totally guilty of this! We went to my in laws and Chase slept horribly and I'm like I'm never leaving him and we are never going anywhere!

  13. I love that nursery too, Allie. And it's so you!

    I need to learn about this grass fed beef a post on that...pronto!