Sunday Charm Guest Post from Elise!

This was supposed to air while I was in London last month! But wonderful blogger did not post it! Anyone else have problems with disappearing scheduled posts!?
Anyways here it is!!

Welcome to Table for More to Elise, from Sunday Charm

"Hi! My name is Elise. Allie and I go waaaay back to our high school days working at the Golden Bear...long before Jordon and their three lil cutie pies! I moved to Indianapolis 3.5 years ago for a fantastic accounting job, but soon found that I'm MUCH too right-brained to sit at a desk all day...I desperately need a paintbrush, hot glue gun or power drill in my life! My creative outlet "Sunday Charm" was born last year. It tackles DIY projects and dabbles in film photography and writing. I'd love to connect with you - stop by and drop me a note?

I asked Elise if I could share my favorite project she it is...

Before reading on, the painted rug idea is not original to me! I first saw it on J and J Home 's July blog post and LOVED it. Since then, I've been looking for a cheap rug to paint...and the harder part, trying to decide on a design. 

Months later, I found myself with $20 5x7 rug from Walmart and a free Sunday afternoon. Here's the result (taken when still drying). 

Disclaimer: This tutorial is mine. The J and J Home tutorial used wax paper, which might work well for you...I didn't have the patience for it, so I created my own version using duct tape.

Materials needed:
  1. Rug, any size - my choice = 5x7 for $20
  2. Duct tape - leftover from moving into my apartment
  3. Paint brush - leftover from other projects
  4. Paint: used almost two whole quarts of paint - one quart leftover, one quart $12
  5. A table/room where your cat can't walk through the mess 
     Total cost was = $32


1. Find and buy a rug you're willing to ruin (just in case you hate how it turns out).

2. Duct tape a design on the rug. After about an hour of duct taping one design on my rug, I ripped it up and did a chevron design instead. Each strip of duct tape measured 10 inches, which helped bring some (however small) regularity to the rows.

3. After all the rug has been taped, start painting. I used a latex paint. Still not sure how this will wear, but it's still looking pretty good after two weeks. Granted, I don't have children. This could be a wild card.

4. I hate uniformity in DIY projects. If I cave to my perfectionist tendencies, I will stress myself out to the point of wanting to rip out my hair. You'll notice I didn't try to get the rows exactly the same, or worry about the color being in a certain pattern. Pretty much just winged it - and it made the afternoon SO MUCH more enjoyable. 

5. Allow to dry. This took h.o.u.r.s. I started painting in my living room, but moved to my bedroom (with little air movement) because it was the only space where I could block off the door. I did NOT want Mocha size green paw prints all over my apartment. 

I absolutely love the end result! 

If you want to give it a shot, email me pictures of your painted rug!

Please stop over at her blog and follow along! She is very trendy and crafty lol unlike me! haha!
Thanks so much Elise!!! xoxo

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