Super Suppers Night Out

Lisa, Molly and I are trying to turn the Moms On The Go segment into a really great and fun resource for local moms! We want not only to share our advice with everyone but for everyone to connect with us! I love meeting new moms and hearing all their stories, plus I love meeting new friends! Being a momma is sometimes tough, I remember when I was pregnant and I had NO pregnant or mommy friends, it was lonely! So we want to reach out to every single mama, whether you have 1 kid or 1829108. Or even if you are not a momma yet! We still are women outside of having kids and we like to have fun too! This past weekend we had the first of many monthly events at Super Suppers....

It was so FUN! A lot of amazing women showed up! EVERYONE was so nice, open and sweet! I loved meeting so many new people! Here are pictures from the night!! 

PS If you are wondering what Super Suppers is (check your area you may have one!), it is a one stop store to make healthy meals for your family! The kitchen is set up and prepped for you to make your dinners, then you take as many as you want home and freeze them! It cuts out all the prep work and mess in your own kitchen! They even clean up after you! It was heavenly! Also if you are anal and organic like me you will still find something! I fell in love with their Baked Cranberry Brie, their braided pepperoni bread for the boys and also their Chicken Parmesan (they offer free range chicken for this). I cannot wait to head back next month! You can also pick up ready made meals, which is a better alternative than the drive thru!

 A glass of wine and cooking with friends= fun!:) 
 Cassie, the owner! She was a blast! 

 You can try a lot of the meals before you cook! That is how I got hooked on the Baked Brie.
 Lisa and I, we missed you Molly! 
 Cuties in the kitchen!! 
 I even came home and made my brie the next day! It was gone in like 30 minutes! YUM! 
If you are not local, check your area for a Super Suppers or something similar, it was so FUN!
If you are local join us next month and cook some meals for your family and meet some new friends!


  1. What fun! We have a place like this in town, it's not called Super Suppers but that name is much cuter :)

  2. Allie...Love the pics and what a great concept! Would love to come sometime! Could use some new recipes to add to my rotation! Oh...and the brie...yum!

  3. Looks like a blast & such a fabulous idea!! Thanks for sharing:)