That time we went to England....Part 1

I will do a quick recap with a few pictures ::I took over 1,500::
So I will have to break this up into a few parts!
We had hands down the BEST time in England.
I wish we could move there (any companies want to hire my hubs??)
The funny thing is when you think of a vacation without kids, you think of relaxation.
Well, when we travel it is far from that (I think I will have to do girls trips for relaxing)
Jordan and I are balls to the walls when we travel. We do not want to miss a beat.
The second we got off the plane (which was an overnight flight, and we did not sleep)
Reason why I did not sleep....flying over the freaking water....panic attack haha
We hit the ground running the second we got there, we got our rental car (which Jordan allowed us to upgrade...score!) and hit the road, which mind you, is driving on the OPPOSITE side. I won't lie, it was a tad terrifying, especially since we were near London and traffic was pretty heavy. Those people fly around those roundabouts! It was crazy. But my hubs handled it like a pro.
PS it took us 10 minutes to figure out the key hole. We are used to looking for a start button....
We could not stop laughing....
We headed off to Windsor Castle, grabbed a bite to eat and drug our zombie bodies all around the castle. THANK GOD for the GPS in the car. We took ours but this thing was WAY better and a Godsend ((although we did not realize til day 3 that the driver before us had it set to AVOID highways, so we were on country roads A LOT which slowed us down but the beauty was WORTH IT!))
All of the old charm there is amazing...I was dying over it!
We had a ton of driving to do so we skipped the tour of the castle (I did not want to walk haha)
We got back in the car and drove a few hours to Stonehenge
We pulled in and people were picnicing with the sheep....
I was so excited at the beauty of it all!
We jumped back in to the car again and headed off to our first hotel outside of Bath.
It was by far my most favorite hotel. It was in Limpley Stoke just a SMALL little town in the countryside. The roads were so tight and small. I was in heaven.
View from our room....
The roads were tiny...
We grabbed a bite to eat and a nice glass of wine for dinner
This is the little town where I found the Book Box....
So i took my all time favorite book (I knew there was a reason I brought it even though I have already read it) I left it there with a note inside for someone else to enjoy!
The next day we hit Bath for the Bath Abbey and the Roman Bath Houses....
I have never been in an Abbey before. I have never been surrounded by so many bodies. They are everywhere, every single part of the church is tombs. It was really cool....
Next was the Roman Bath Houses...where Julius Cesar bathed...I mean HOW COOL IS THAT....
I think this was the longest line we waited in the ENTIRE trip and it was maybe 20 minutes!
The areas where they would have just lounged during their baths
It was nearing the afternoon (tea time) so we stopped at Sally Lunn's for a quick bite!
Her buns are FAMOUS...It was one of those must do things!
I got lemon was amazing!!! Jordan got cinnamon, his was not as good as mine!:)
We then stopped by the grocery and grabbed some snacks and hit the road....
Those bueno bars...O.M.G Chocolate and hazlenut creme....I bought like 19382713 before we came home!! YUMMMMO!
Even though we were in the car a lot the countryside was amazing to look at... 
I could not even capture the beauty. It is really something you have to see for yourself.
We went to the Cottswolds next for the night in search of the perfect thatched roof house!:)
There are tons of tiny towns that make up the Cottswolds....
I think we drove through like 90% of them haha! We did not find the perfect thatched roof house til the next day, but I would have been damned if we did not find one!! We are hard workers when it comes to small gems and details like that!! haha
While we were driving we saw a castle...which is so common and AMAZING when you are driving...
I mean a stinking cool is that! The first castle we tried to get to was locked really we strolled with the sheep for awhile... 
After the disappointing venture we decided to hit another castle...this time we did not hold back...
It was in the middle of NO WHERE so we decided to jump the lame fence...
Totally worth it...
That is all for now....I will end the rest of the pics in 2 more posts!! This was just the first 2 days....I told you we are balls to the walls when we travel...Next up we have Canterbury, Dover, more castles, and then we ended in London!:) xoxo


  1. Oh my...what a trip, Allie. Loved all the pics, although the green water of the bath houses was a bit icky. Can you imagine? Blech!

    Love the book box...what fun!

  2. I'm in love! I need to go to London for a week. When you travel, how do you find the coolest places to hit up before you leave? IE: New York, Vegas, London.

    1. We always google "Must do things in...." and try to pick off that list! But hidden gems like that castle we found from picking up pamplets at our hotel and driving around! We always grab those and see what they claim is the must do thing! That is also how we found those famous buns, they were amazing! But that is always how we start a trip! Pinterest also had great ideas for the must-do spots! You would love London! It was amazing...I liked the countryside more than the actual city of London though! Must more beauty out there in the middle of no where!!

  3. You are making me want to go to Europe!

  4. How fun, I'm dreaming over here!

    I also must comment on how European your attire is. I always try to look NOT American when I'm overseas.

  5. England is so beautiful! Love the pics and the stories! My husband and I went to Birmingham for 3 weeks before we were dating ( we were friends for a while) and I felt the same way... pictures simply cannot capture the beauty and the freshness of life there. We went on a train ride along the countryside through Derby, Nottingham, and Lincoln. I would love to go to London though! So glad you could have this experience!

  6. aww I love that you left bloom in the book box! And I can't believe you trespassed on foreign soil haha

  7. Love all of your photos!! We are sitting in JFK airport at the moment, half way home from our trip to England (and a few other stops). My husband is from there so it was mostly visiting friends and family this time since it was the baby's first time, but we hope to do a trip more like yours, with more sightseeing and exploring, next trip over in a couple of years. So glad you had such an amazing time!! :)

  8. That looked SO fun! I want to travel now lol

  9. Beautiful pictures! Look forward to reading part 2!

  10. We lived close to Windsor castle for a couple of years and I tell you your pictures make me HOMESICK! :) Living in England was so dreamy. But we feel we have to be stable for our kids' sakes-- we'll be blessed, right? You are such an adorable mom and blogger. Great job!

  11. Beautiful photos!!! Love the book box!