Vlogging....What's NEW Wednesday!

I figured I would start just vlogging every Wednesday since I am already up and ready at the crack of dawn (4:30am) for the Moms On The Go segment with Lisa and Molly! If you are not following on there, please stop over to Moms In Heels! I will be there monthly blogging and weekly on our segment! 

Now onto the Vlog....

Also I forgot to mention in this vlog, I recorded 2 and the first one the words were off....ugh! Anyways I talked about Baby Easton....please DONATE! Please PRAY!! Share the word! xoxo

PS here is a look at what came in the Fisher Price House Party box....

I am already obsessed with the Imaginext toys, even at 2 & 3 the boys are using their imagination for their castle battles against the dragon and orge! It is hilarious to sit back and watch their little mind go wild!! Cannot thank House Party enough for picking us! Sign up to win parties like this! 


  1. Jude is cracking me up eating your hair!!! He is so precious!

    Baby Easton's story just breaks my heart. I've shared his story on my FB page. I pray that he gets his miracle.

  2. He is NUTS...I was like seriously bud!?!?! haha! Thanks!!!

    I pray he gets a miracle as well! By the way I am following your page for Erik on FB! I love it!

  3. Love this!! Love a vlog! It really is so much more personably. I might have to do one from time to time to save on the typing.

    Sorry I had to press stop when you mentioned the Bachelor Pad because I haven't watched the ending and really want to soon! :)

  4. Jude stop growing so big. I can't believe he's already crawling and pulling himself up. Kendall will be here soon Jude!! I missed the fianale of bachelor pad, who won?

  5. I love watching your vlogs! And I was dying when Jude started eating your hair, lol. A mom's life, right?? :-)

  6. Loved the bachelor pad episode! Rachel drove me a little crazy at the end though, she just felt so entitled - I'm so glad Nick won. Even though he flew under the radar. I surprised myself by liking Kalon at the end. Not a ton of BS from him, he says what's on his mind and I like it! He also played the game well.

    Grab your tissues girlie! Tear jerker alert for the end of Parenthood! I too love this show and have been watching since the Pilot episode.

  7. I LOVE Parenthood! I'm still trying to catch up on Season 3 though. I heard this episode was really great!