What's New Wednesday!

Alright I recorded another vlog and once again my mouth does not match the words! So annoying so I will just type the 2 things that I was going to talk about!!

Our house offer was ACCEPTED!! Here is the situation though, it has to pass inspection. Which I am very nervous about! The one bathroom we knew right away would have to be a total renovation but when Jordan went through the house he noticed a huge hole in the ceiling that I had missed. Anyways I am very nervous of bad water damage because he looked downstairs under that bathroom and noticed some discoloration, so Friday we will know for sure what the situation is and if it is worth the money to fix. Also the foundation might not be good because Jordan also noticed cracks in the cement blocks on the basement. The house is almost 100 years old so I am hoping she is holding up and will be okay for us to buy! If all goes well we close in Novemeber. But that is best case scenario! We have a lot to do before we move in, we are going to do a lot of floors and also get new appliances (it doesn't have any) I was super pumped because I love appliances so I will get to pick them!:) So anyways we will know Friday how BIG of a project the house is when our inspector gets a good look at it! I am not feeling very confident in that one bathroom! The last thing I want is some nasty mold that is bad for the kiddos....no thanks! But I am trying to stay optomistic, so hopefully next Wednesday I will know our fate for the house!:)

NYC or bust!
My friends and I randomly decided to go to NYC this weekend for a charity event and to see the city for a hot second! I cannot wait to tell you guys all about it! Let's just say if you like The Bachelor and The Bachelorette shows you will die!!:) I cannot wait to take a ton of pictures! We are hoping to bring this charity on board with Moms In Heels next year! Fingers crossed the trip is safe! Jude is lucky enough to come along, funny thing is he was already in NYC, last year, but in my belly! 

We started Luke about 2 weeks ago on potty training! I was not ready to start him because I thought it was too soon but he is doing AMAZING! The naked approach is the way that I go! And a GIANT jar of dum dum suckers on the counter help the cause! 

Jude update coming! I did a 6 month post that will come tomorrow I think! But here is a picture of him on hi`s first swing ride the other day! I die of the cuteness!
If you look closely on the black and white picture you will see a random LONG hair on top of his head. He has had that random hair since birth, it cracks me up because it is SO LONG!! I love this little man!

That is all!! Until next week! Hope you guys are having an amazing week!! 


  1. :( I can't ever see your pics anymore :( not sure why though! Anywho ...let me know how ur potty training goes...I want to start Antonio but i have no clue where to begin with a boy!

    As far as your house goes....fingers crossed for you guys! Leave it all in God's hands my friend!

    and one more thing...shame on you for going to NYC after I've moved away....shame shame shame! LOL

  2. Congrats on the house, hope everything checks out ok. I wasn't going to start potty training Keira until after her 2nd birthday but she is the one interested in using the potty so we are slowly doing it. Any tips? And how is Jude already 6 months!? Oh my gosh, he is adorable!!

  3. Good Luck!! And, I love your boys!! I hope Pierce ends up with that kind of sweet attitude that comes through on pictures!!

  4. Good luck with the house! If for some reason it doesn’t work with this house than it wasn’t meant to be and I am sure there is an even better house you can make into a home just around the corner…or block…maybe down the road, (you get the idea). Have you ever seen the movie The Money Pit? You do not want to be living the live version of The Money Pit especially with 3 little kiddos.
    Have fun in NYC gals! I can’t wait to read all about it! Have a safe journey.

  5. Lots of luck on the house and can't wait to see your NYC pics!!

  6. This post is full of SUCH exciting things! YAY for house offers, and prayers for the inspection!! Have fun in NYC, I cannot wait to hear more! And last but not least, potty training...I may be coming to you for some boy potty training tips :)

  7. First of all- could your boys be any cuter?? ahhhh!! my future sons-in-law :) secondly I am going to do everything in my power to haul my ass to NYC to see you!! I can't let you be in such close proximity and not see you! xoxox

  8. Congratulations on the acceptance of your house offer!!! Really hope it all works out! Fingers are crossed.

    Have so much fun in NYC!! :)

    Aww love the photos. Yay for potty training.

    haha that random hair is so funny!