Deadsies, and BOYS!

I have been so sick lately. Jordan calls it a case of the"deadsies".
I am usually never sick. But this one was a knock me out, tired out the wazoo, no energy one.
Which equals little blogging from me. 
I have also been super busy with sessions. I have had probably 16 sessions the past few weekends.
I am finally feeling good enough to start working on finishing those up! Whew! 
If you guys wanna follow my photography page you can here
I am so blessed to be able to do this as a job and still stay at home with the men!

Speaking of the men... I have tons of pics to update you on them! So let's dive into it...
I actually pride myself on being able to get kids to smile and cooperate during photo sessions. 
But man it is so HARD to get your OWN kids to smile all at the same time! haha
Case in point....
Or this...
You would think that I was torturing
The one shot I did get was of Luke:) 
What a little ham...then we tried Luke and Jude....(bahaha!)
I guess I will just take a pic of their
After that we changed and just played. Much less stress!:) 
Here are some other pics of the little men as of late...
I got that giant tick tack toe set at Meijer. I love it! Perfect for a game room!
I just love FEET. These are Luke's little toddler feet. Swoon!
Another thing I am swooning over is Jude's HAIR.
It only knows one direction....UP!
It is hilarious! 
Speaking of Jude, he has his well check yesterday. He is 7 months already
(no, they usually dont have well checks @ 7 months but I missed his 4 months and then got all jacked up so this was his 6 month one haha)
Anyways all was well. The only bad thing was he dropped weight. 
He went from 19lbs down to 18lbs in 2 months!? 
The doctor did not seem too concerned though because he is healthy as an ox. 
I just think it has a lot to do with my milk supply not being as high and starting solids. 
Also he crawls 247 and is NEVER stopping so he is burning more calories.
 See, he is happy and healthy! 
And guess what!!!
He is the first of the boys to start with saying mama! I am over the moon excited!
Speaking of mama, my mom came Sunday to help me get healthy and help 
with the little men. I love this shot I got of her and them.
She got them the Velveteen Rabbit book and the stuffed animal to go with it.
Luke is obsessed with the bunny. I love it! (Kohls has it)

I will end with a picture of Jude I snapped at his appt. I love it!
Also...I have a lot of posts coming.
A recipe for Apple Pie with Cinnamon Roll crust, A halloween post with a Hershey's Giveaway, 
Our Political Rally Madness trips,
and of course the new weekly link up for Wedded Bliss Wednesday's!
Thanks so much to everyone who has been linking up! Kay and I are so excited to have you all and for us to chat about our marriages! Love everything about it!


  1. Lauren and Jude are a match made in heaven! She's 18 pounds 3 months!! he likes fat babies, right?!? :)

  2. In another couple of years people are going to think you have triplets...they are all going to look about the same age.

  3. Can't wait to see them tomorrow. I laughed at their pictures, torturing my poor little grandsons.

  4. I don't think it's your milk supply. I would definitely say its the crawling and activity. Kids usually slow down on weight gain then.

    And that first picture... Your boys make the best faces!

  5. Ugg.. sorry you've been so sick!! Hope you are feeling better soon!!

    Love love love all of these photos of your 3 beautiful little boys!! They are stunners.

    How cool is that tick tack toe set!

  6. Sorry you've been sick
    The boys are too cute. I can't believe Jude is 7 months already, stop it!!

  7. ha that does look silly! let me send you another one, just let me know the measurements, I had done that one to the size written on passionfruit

  8. p.s your first picture is the BEST haha

  9. Hope you feel better very soon!! Love the photos, as always. Baby feets are adorbs.

  10. I love feet too. I cannot get enough of my daughter's baby feet! So, so precious!

  11. SOO adorable---and I'm so glad that another blogger out there has the hardest time getting pictures of the boys together;) Feel better!


  12. I am also swooning over Jude's hair.

  13. I always love seeing pics of your cute boys! I love their expressions :)

    That tic-tac-toe set is so fun, good find!

    Simple Suburbia

  14. These pictures are hilarious! I love the one of Luke just checking out whatever's on his hand....

  15. Great photos! I always have a hard time getting my own to smile too, and when I photograph my brother's families, or friends families, the kids are all smiles :-) I always figure the goofy ones will be fun to look back on someday too.

    Hope you are feeling better so you can keep up with all those cute little men :-)