Friday Randoms!

Happy Friday loves! 
Who is excited for the weekend!?
I have my pumpkin spice frappucino in hand and am ready to rock it out! 
I figured I would do a good old random post because I feel like those are seriously the most fun!
So....Here's what is going in at our house!:)

Murder Mystery Dinner...
We love the game CLUE, seriously we play it all the time! A few weeks back a deal popped up on Living Social for a murder mystery dinner. I died of excitement! We rarely do date nights so I figured what a FUN date, so not typical! It is 1920's mobster themed. They said we can dress up so I have a feeling Jordan might bust out his tux. I just need to figure out what I will wear!! I will post pics after our date! Fingers crossed it's as exciting as I am imagining!!!

Room for ONE more!?
The other night we traveled with Jordan which we used to always do with ease. Well this time it was a complete train wreck. First we went out to dinner at Longhorn. We wanted to sit in a booth so the kids had more space....WELL...If you sit in a booth you CANNOT have a high chair!? I guess its risky, it was super ANNOYING because we sat in a huge corner booth so the high chair would not have been a hazard because it was really not a walkway. So whatever. Jude is a mover to say the least, so here I am HOLDING Jude the entire meal. SO MUCH FUN. I am feeding him as cleanly as possible he is grabbing EVERYTHING in his reach. V&L were good but it's just not very fun to go out to eat. It was so much easier when Jude was a baby and slept! UGH! 
THEN....we all go down for bed. I had the pack n play in the bathroom area. The hotel was almost fully booked and our neighboring rooms all had "DO NOT DISTURB" signs on their door, so I knew letting Jude cry even for a few seconds would not be an option. Well he went down decent, then woke up around midnight ANGRY...he wanted nothing to do with ANYTHING! I nursed him, we walked him around, I tried every possible position to please him because I did not want to put him back in the pack n play in fear of bloody screams. So we wrestled with him for literally 4 hours, meanwhile Luke wakes up. We have Luke and Jude in our bed now. Vincent of course is sleeping through it ALL. It was just not a great night AT ALL. 
All this time I am imagining how in the heck we would ever manage 4?! So for right now I AM CONTENT!:) Sorry that was longer than expected. WHEW!

The House...
I have been a little hush hush about our new house. Anyways we close on it in like 2 weeks! I am seriously dying of excitement! We have a TON to get done. The house is old and needs all new electrical and plumbing. It also needs new flooring throughout half the downstairs. The best part is it needs ALL new appliances which I am hand picking myself! :) This is literally a dream come true. If I could marry kitchen appliances I would. Looking at gas ranges makes my heart skip a beat!
I pinky swear you will all get to see the house soon enough! ;)
I have a HUGE announcement that some of you know, but let's just say you will be able to see our new home on a very popular show next spring!:):):) More details to come on that! 

We are in the talks of getting another dog. Which is funny because I just was complaining about the 3 kids, so why not add another family member. We already have a German Shepherd, Lord Verner but have been aching to get another. Here's the problem, Jordan wants a MASTIFF. He said if I get the appliances I want, he gets the dog! He showed me this video as IF this would make me want one...
I mean it's a freaking HORSE. Jordan was laughing the entire time. It is funny if it's not your dog! 
Luckily we will never let a dog in our bed. But come on you see this being me!??!
O.M.G Maybe we can get three of them? I could go into Dog Photography!?
I literally laugh my butt off at that picture. Anyways.
I can deal with a puppy....but man it's going to be rough! 

WNWO Moms On The Go!
I have a full post coming on this whole thing soon! I have briefly talked about it but my friends Lisa, Molly and I are on a news segment called Moms On The Go on our local news. We are on twice a week and we LOVE IT! Here is a peek at our little promo video. It is so weird seeing us on TV, I am so not used to it yet! 
I love Jude and Braxton playing at the end! Swoon! Anyways...
We talk all about mom stuff! We have a lot of fun stuff going on and we started a Facebook Page for all our friends who are not in town! We will update our segments have be able to actually go more in depth on topics! It will also be just a fun spot for moms to exchange advice and tips because let's face it we don't know it all! So please stop over and 'like' us!:) 
PS they had puppies this morning at the station. SO CUTE!
25 rules for Boy Mommas...
I saw this on facebook the other day from the lovely Miss Meagan! But stop over and read it
I must say I love being a boy momma, they have so much love for their mom. Vincent is literally the sweetest thing ever. Lately he has LOVED cuddling with me and even requests it! He will rub my head and give me kisses. It is heaven! I love my little men and cannot wait for them to grow in to amazing gentlemen!

You guys have to get this combo. I am obsessed.
That is all....I think!:)
What do you guys have going on this weekend!?


  1. That is awesome that you have a segment on your local news.

  2. Darling, if you get that dog, I have to advise you to go through TRAINING. PetSmart has great training, and I suggest Puppy, intermediate, and advanced. You want that dog to listen to all of you, even Jude. They're stubborn as an ox, but oh so protective, gentle, and loving. And, actually VERY lazy. They make great apartment dogs of all breeds you wouldn't think that, but they're that lazy and need little exercise.
    But, really, the's a must

  3. thats so funny you guys are doing the murder mystery thing, hubs was talking about wanting to do one the other day, random lol.

    i wanna know which popular tv show youre going to be on!!!! hmmm bathcrashers? bathtastic? kitchen crashers? curb appeal? design wars?.....this could go on forever lol (hgtv-fanatic)

    and I totally give you props for even trying to go to longhorn with all the boys. i freak out just going to five guys and its only me, the lil one, and hubs. lol

    btw- i guess i love your random posts ;)

    the sweet life of a southern wife

  4. The outside of your new house looks amazing!!!

  5. CONGRATS!!!! I can't wait to see what it looks like inside!!!! And please spill the beans on what show you will be on. I don't have tv here so I will have to plan in advance to watch it! So exciting :)

  6. First of all, I LOVE your new casa...can't wait to see the inside and I'm dying to know what show it's going to be on!! (House Hunters?!?!)

    As far as that iced coffee stuff, do you just drink it straight from the carton? I always wondered about that!

  7. ALLIEEEEEEE- I can't believe you guys are gonna be on a SHOW!?!?! How, how, HOW do you get all of these sweet gigs?! You lucky lucky girl.

  8. I was hooked on the mocha version of that drink but then I started getting the original and different creamers!

  9. I think you're lucky you even managed to go out for a meal with two kids, let alone three! We don't take our kids to any restaurants because one of them ALWAYS has a melt down LOL.

  10. I just have to say, I have a mastiff... He has been the most amazing dog. He is GREAT with my kids, though my boys always say I love him more! My reply, "No, I don't love him more... he's just more obedient!"