Halloweenie & Giveaway!

I love me some Halloween! I love me any excuse to buy candy and have it sitting in our pantry ;) and any excuse to shove a mini candy bar in my mouth daily (or 3 times daily)! 

This year the boys will be channeling the movie UP! 
Jude will be the dog, Dug.
Vincent & Luke will be the old man and the boy scout! '
We have not decided who will be which yet, I got gray hairspray but it did not show up too well! 
I still have to figure out the boy scout outfit lol.
YES, I know Halloween is SOON!:)
I am a total procrastinator!

Instead of the typical tying balloons to the kid that I have seen on pinterest.
I am going to make their candy basket into a house and attach balloons to that!
I should get BONUS points for total creativity there!:)

This year, as always we will be passing out Hershey's candy! 
Stop over to check out all the mom bloggers ideas for Hershey's Halloween fun! 

YOU can also hand our Hershey's candy at your doorstep!
Hershey's is giving one lucky reader TWO 50ct Chocolate Lover's bags! 
That's 100 bars of yummy goodness!

Just leave a comment about what you or your kiddo's are being for Halloween & your email!

*Winner will be chosen Wednesday October 24th at 8pm*

Happy Halloween and enjoy that chocolate!


  1. Have you tried white hairspray instead? Or even silver? :)

    Such a cute idea!! Take lots of pics!

  2. Averys being an owl! A cute pink & purple one to be exact! I'm so anxious to get her dresseed up this year!!!

  3. My husband and I haven't actually decided if we are venturing out for halloween this year. If we do, I think we will be Peter Pan and Wendy, but so far no plans to throw anything together!! We'll see!

  4. Brycen picked out Yoda! Which is totally funny since we called him Yoda a lot when he was a new born! jlchandler1@gmail.com

  5. My 5 year old is going to be Where's Waldo and my 2 year old is going to be Rapunzel, or as she calls her, "Princess with long hair" I wrote about how I made her wig here! http://thatiswhatsheread.blogspot.com/2012/10/blog-post_18.html

  6. How cute!
    My daughter and I, will be dressing up as ladybug's, my son as buzz lightyear, and my husband as a pimp. Ha!


  7. both the boys are going to be pirates. they picked different costumes though so they wont be matching exactly, which makes me kinda happy!


  8. rylee will be an owl!


  9. My 5yo daughter will be a butterfly (yikes! have to put that together this week) and my 4yo son is undecided...he wants to be a pickle like last year (thankfully I made the costume big enough to fit for a few years!) or maybe a bottle of catsup or mustard :-)

  10. Aiden is Buzz and Andrew is a pumpkin---keeping it easy this year with another one on the way and no fighting into costumes, they seem content;) I can't believe Halloween is next week!!!

  11. my little one is being one of the monster high girls (yes.4eva.r@gmail.com)

  12. Both my girls will be pink furry monsters! I love your balloon idea! (kaseym210@aol.com)

  13. nobody knew who holly golightly was, so hadley went to costco, and picked out a nice carter's cow costume. and i didn't have to make it or explain to anyone what she was.

  14. Love these costume ideas!!! Your three little guys are going to look adorable! :)

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  17. OMG! Totally cute Halloween outfits. No kiddos for us yet. And I've never really dressed up to be honest since I was really little.
    But we ALWAYS leave the light on just in case...even though we live in an apartment and have NEVER had a trick-or-treater in the four years we've been here. (heartofpink@gmail.com)

  18. My son is going to be a baseball. Topekalakefamily@gmail.com

  19. Selah is going to be a "social butterfly". Basically, I'm making her a (monarch) butterfly costume and adding the facebook and twitter logos to the front, making the social [media] part of her costume. Perfect for my little social butterfly! (harper.elisabeth(at)gmail.com)

  20. we aren't dressing up but I'd love to enter!

  21. What a great idea. My daughter is going to be Alice in Wonderland.

  22. Son is being a Power Ranger
    Daughter a Princess of Cats (:))

  23. we wanted matthew to be an owl, but could only find it in size 6-12 months which would be huge on him, so we decided to go with the standard pumpkin, however I may change my mind in the next couple of days lol

    the sweet life of a southern wife

  24. My husband and I are going to be 'where's waldo' and 'where's walda' hahah we are total nerds and couldn't come up with anything better!

    I just found you through the giveaway. i am excited to be your newest follower, would love for you to stop by sometime if you'd like :)


  25. Hannah is being Eeyore and Landon is being a Lightning McQueen racecar driver! danielle.lawrence@live.com